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UFO Sighting Report


march 11, 2004


Broken Arrow, Ok, Usa


lights moving quietly and swiftly, very dark out, couldn't make out a definite shape; fled as if it knew it was spotted.

Date Reported:

3/12/2004 12:35:08 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



five seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

myself and three of my friends turned east onto a col de sac. jordan was in the passenger side and exclaimed "what the fuck is that!" i was in the back seat and had to lean forward to see out the windshield of the F-150. as i did so i saw a collection of lights through a space between some trees. jordan opened the passenger door to get a better look and the int. light came on, causing a glare on the wind shield. as soon as the int. light turned on the lights fled in a ?NE? directon. when the door was shut, the ordeal was over. all four of us saw it, though the guys in the front got a much better look. the craft was completely silent from what we could tell. it was NOT a plane, this im sure of. another witness compared it to an impereal crusier with lights in lines around the edge and extending out from the center, like lines cut into a pie. shape was debated. I would note that there has been alot of activity in the sky every single day for the last few months. F-16s flying in groups and solo at verying altitudes. i also saw what looked like a Blackbird (sr-71) flying low on the same day.

Witness Background

delivery guy, errand boy, im 19, a student,

Other Comments

the stealth bomber and fighter was flown 10 years before ANYONE saw it. possible gov testing. not just radar stealth, but audio and visual as well.

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Your Location: 

b.a. ok, usa