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UFO Sighting Report


October, 2002


Jamestown, IN, USA


Visions on a wall

Date Reported:

3/22/2004 10:44:56 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



5 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Being a very talented rock-n-roll drummer, I became addicted to marijuana. I coincided the two together to form the total rock-n-roll message. I used the drug so well that I became very smart. Some how , I tapped into spiritual knowledge that most people don't have. On the drug, I would try to hypnotize myself, and try to put myself into a permanent trance. This went on for a few years. I have worked voodoo and witchcraft in a homade kind of fashion. Some how I have definately tapped into somthing that I can't get out of. During these years, I would hear voices and see visions on the wall. Alot of times I would create these visions myself. I never gave the voices too much thought until the day that one voice predicted the future. The voice sounded like the devil and he predicted that I would have nightmares that night. I put a night light in the room so I would not be in the dark, but sure enough, I had three fearful nightmares that night. It proved to me that these voices were real. As a result of this experience, being now scared of the devil, I converted to Christianity. But that didn't stop the voices or the visions which were now out of my control. It got so crazy that I thought the house where I was living was haunted. Somone was communicating with me. I'll never forget the vision I saw on the wall during this crisis. I wasn't doing it myself. I saw on the wall a vision of all kinds of alien spaceships and all kinds of alien species. Strangely enough, shows like the X-Files and other Hollywood movies are not so far off from what I saw on the wall. It wasn't long after that vision, that I was going crazy and I admitted myself to a hospital for the fifth or sixth time for a mental condition. They label me as a paranoid schizophrenick. After the hospitilization, I converted to a strict Christian and tried to reject any belief in extra-terrestials. So for a year nor more, I have been living a strict life never to return to my past. Yet, after seeing specials on UFO's on the History channel, I started recently researching the subject again. I believe now that if smoke marijuana, it will enhance my communication with these life forms. The voices in my head keep urging me to do so. But I believe that these voices are demons or the devil himself. Yet reading literature about the fact that these spaceships may be infact vehicles of ou Lord, it makes me want to reach out to Him and reach for higher knowledge. I haven't smoked pot since my conversion. I would like to smoke it in a controlled setting to assist in higher knowledge.

Witness Background

I work at a gym. I have two years college and no degree.

Other Comments

It's a mystery. The government keeps it a mystery when they in fact have all kinds of knowledge and facts. It's pretty obvious that they do exist or the government wouldn't have so many underground labrotories in Nevada and New Mexico. It's top secret. George Bush, who claims himself to be a Christian is trying to spend billions of dollars on our space program when that money could end world hunger. It's probably because he is trying to reach God, even though he's avoiding the duty of Christ to feed the poor.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Psychiatrist, Family


Tom Richardson

Your Location: 

Indianapolis, IN USA