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UFO Sighting Report




Kansas City US


Silver Shining Object Floating In Sky

Date Reported:

3/22/2004 8:34:13 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



3 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I am a retired government employee. I spend alot of time working in my garden now. I am widowed with five grandchildren and I spend alot of time with them. I once took little Jimmy, (the youngest) on a trip to a near by lake. As Jimmy was splashing around near the shore I looked up and there was a silverish shining ogject hovering over the lake. It looked more like a trash can then a space ship. It was rotating slowly, glimmering in the light. I didn't say anything to Jimmy because I didn't want to scare him, but then Jimmy looked up and screamed, "GRAMMA, LOOK!!!" Jimmy was pointing straight at the object. Then he said, "Gramma, is that telletubies?" Dispite my fear I actually laughed. I was bothe amuzed at Jimmy's innocence and also relieved that he wasn't scared. So I said, "Yes Jimmy, that's the tubie mobile." The object just kept rotating, then suddenly the top started to move. Just like a trash can lid the top of the object opened up. Then the object begain to tilt. Suddenly, these rapped up red stained objects fell out and onto the lake but they didn't sink. They just floated as if they were made of cotton. After that a few yellowish sacks fell out containing white material. They looked like deflaited balloons. After that, some anonymous things fell out, like paper material and cotton like wands resembling large q-tips. There was a gross smell that emanated from the mess. I grabbed Jimmy and pulled him out the water. As the objects floated closer I could see that the cotton red stained objects were gigantic used sanitary pads and tampons. The yellowish deflated balloons were gigantic used condoms. The paper material was just anonymous garbage and the white cotton wands "were" gigantic used q-tips. Someone was dumbing thier bathroom garbage in our lake. "Well I Never..." I didn't speak of this to anyone and I told Jimmy that it was just an airplane. Later that week, several more sitings were reported of mountain size hefty cinch sack bags containing foulness. They were leaking decayed materials as they layed in farm crops around the area.

Witness Background

Retired government employee.

Reported Sighting?