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UFO Sighting Report




las vegas nevada


they were white, and transparent, and shot little white beams out, then retrackted them. They appeared to float rather than propell

Date Reported:

3/24/2004 6:53:53 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Well, my mom walked outside, and then called me out there. She told me to looke up, and at first i didn't see anything. It was probably around 11 o clock, cuz i had just woken up on the weekend. Then after about 10 seconds, i could see them. There was 3 to start with. They were white on the outside, but in the center, they looked transparent. They extended little beams out from the center, then they retrackted them. In the end, there was about 12 of them. I would have guessed that they were weather balloons, but then some jets flew by, and the white things just took off, and dissapeared. About a week later, i saw with some friends another single one, hovering over the quad in Bonanza High School. Our dean, and several other students witnessed it, and noone could identify what it was.

Witness Background

Um, i'm a freshman in highschool. I go to Bonanza. I've always believed in aliens, and i love to do research on them. But i never really expected to see a UFO, but i know thta doesn't mean it is necesarily an alien

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Las vegas nevada