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UFO Sighting Report


August 8th, 2002


north royalton , ohio , united states


Ship 50 feet above our vehicle

Date Reported:

3/25/2004 12:23:57 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 mins

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

It had been a rough long summer , bills were tightlost the apt we were living in and temporarily had to stay a few nights out in the SUV . Which was really no problem i mean the summer was beautiful and the night air always made me and my friend becca sleep so much better . Well the night of august 8th 2002 we had parked the suv in a parking lot of the apt building we had just lost our home at . The parking lot was kind of far off from the buildings but still in the vicinity of the area . So about 9 pm we parked and turned on the radio and started settleing in for the night we drank sodas and chit chatted probally till about one am and then we decided to call it a night. So we started puttin blankets in the windows , that way if anyone did come snoopin around they couldnt just peek in while we were passed out .So my friend becca passed out in the passenger seat and i passed out in the drivers seat . we had the radio going for comfort and a bit of light to ease us into a peaceful slumber . All of a sudden we both sat straight up in our seats and looked straight at the councel on the suv where the radio was and the time was 3:23 am and the radio was all static , which was fine when we went to sleep . we looked at each other and without a word both looked out the front windsheild and there it was about 50 feet above the suv it had no propellers, no wings, no jet noises , no plane shape just an object . It was in teh shape of a sleek long cylinder greyish /silvery in color with a very light faint glow to it with a ring of lights , just hovering there making this very weird humming noise almost like a noise from a very low bass one that you can feel in your skin . So once we stopped stareing we freaked out and started to drive , now this object proceeded to follow it stayed right above the suv following us whereever we went , so we drove to my mothers house and parked in the drive and dashed out to her front door as fast as we could , after going inside we are not sure what happened from there we were very frightened I dont think my friend , my mom or I will ever forget that summer night of 2002 . Me and my friend still have many questions we wonder about , like why did we just wake up at the same time without waking each other , what made us both look out the window without a word . Where we abducted and we cant remeber or mabe we were about to get abducted and or subconcious came to just in time ? since then i have had a total of 14 ufo sightings all together they were further in the distance defintly not as close an encounter as this one . we didnt have to many physical symptoms , just a weird metallic taste in my mouth , she felt sore in her stomach area , a little spaced out for awhile but that was about it . very interesting experience and defintly an unforgettable one .

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north royalton , ohio , USA



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