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UFO Sighting Report




San Pablo, California, United States


Multipule clusters in a curve align formation with dimer ones around larger ones

Date Reported:

3/29/2004 4:51:44 PM



No. of Witnesses: 




No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Last night around mid night I notice movement in the sky. I realized a solid object floating in a un-natural way. Analizing a little bit longer and paying attention to the formations made. There were larger UFOS in a slight curved line over the land, and two over the bay: The larger ones (8 in one row on shore & 3 on west of the longer line on coast/ off shore) were somewhat stationed/slightly move just huvering and later moved in a coriograghed/Military type of approach. Meanwhile the clearest and closest one was in the center of the coastal line above San Pablo/ San Francisco bay, it would lower, then rise and even looked like it rotaded in a weird way. The smaller ones more locomotive, a lot faster, could fade for less visablity then brighten, and visa-versa . The smaller ones were very active. They made triangles, scatter, disapear, reapear, brighten, dim, odd rapid relocation to another cluster, sometimes disappear and appear out of no where. There was moving lights everywhere, as if they were dancing in the sky. The smaller ones would cluster around the larger UFO, actively swivel around it and others still with just a little movement around the larger one, as if it was protecting it or acting somewhat like a sheald. Then they would move north slowy. In a changing position the cluster coordinated formation and glide side to side and same speed. Almost around 1:30am, an hour after watching the the phenominal mysterious event of such multitude never would I have believed that is was possible to have that many at once. A commercial plane flew accross the sky getting a closer encounter. Not even, 15 - 30 min later white plane began to over patrole the area the commercal plane flew, and the seccond time around round in a large circle. As the plane crossed the sky the UFOs evelated. Then return to where they were. Only some of the larger ones didn't buge, just remained there evelate, but had floating motion. Not so long after that about 20-30 minutes a black gliding military plane flew close to the ground. It glided very low equalvalent to a skyscrapper of 30 flits, to investigate, so I think. When I saw the different military aircrafts I knew this was a extrodinary experience I have encountered.

Witness Background

22 year old Mexican American woman. I am a department secretary for the Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente. I grew up in San Pablo, never have I ever experienced that here. I have in Mexico City years ago.

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Reported To: 

just to you.


Elisa V Montiel

Your Location: 

San Pablo, CA USA



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