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UFO Sighting Report




Show Low, Arizona, United States


Looked like a lighthouse moving in an s-shaped path, then shooting off into the stars at an angle in the opposite direction - AMAZING!!!

Date Reported:

3/30/2004 8:07:42 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was looking up into the stars at approximately 9pm as I usually do before bed, and I saw one of the stars starting to move from northeast to southwest in an s-shaped pattern, becoming brighter then dimmer, then disappearing, then reappearing and repeating brighter/dimmer/off/on light sequence, exactly like a lighthouse on the ocean, except this was far away from any ocean, high up in the mountains of northern Arizona, on a beautiful, clear, cool night with no moon - just billions of beautiful stars - and one of them moving! It continued on this s-shaped path for several seconds and suddenly it became very bright, almost like an explosion, and shot off in the opposite direction at what looked like a million miles per hour up into the stars and disappeared. Total time - approx. 10 seconds. Now, I usually do see from time to time the space station and space shuttle and other satellites moving across the sky, but in a straight, steady flight path with no variations whatsoever. What I saw on this particular night was definitely out of this world and it excited me - I actually called the local law enforcement agency and they verified that what I saw was only the final 10 seconds of a very substantial sighting lasting more than and hour that was called in by more than 100 people before me. Some had actually witnessed it as it landed and, according to the Sheriff dept. dispatcher, two US Air Force fighter jets were sent out to intercept it but lost it, whatever it was. Also, the dispatcher at the local police dept., whom I called immediately after the sheriff, was very serious with me when she told me that I wasn't crazy - that many people saw the same thing and that all law enforcement agencies in the area were on high alert due to the fact that the object was unidentifiable - a UFO!

Witness Background

I am a 34 year old Nuclear Chemistry undergraduate with a 4.00 GPA.

Other Comments

I am now an avid enthusiast and follower of the books, videos, concepts and ideas of ERICH VON DANIKEN www.daniken.com

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Reported To: 

Police, Sheriff, Neighbors, Professors, Fellow Students, etc...


R. Lavender

Your Location: 

Show Low, Arizona, USA



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