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UFO Sighting Report




Venice, Florida, United States


flying saucer hovering above residential home with blue beam shining down from craft into home.

Date Reported:

4/1/2004 4:45:15 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



30-40 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Two very good friends of mine, told me independently, of an incident that happened over 30 years ago but never told anyone (for obvious reasons). In the late 60's early 70's, my two friends were driving down Haror Dr. (4 lane divided road in a residential area of Venice). It was after 11P, the boys looked to their left (east) to see a flying saucer (metallic appearing craft approx. 30 ft in diameter) hovering over a house. The boys stopped and watched as a bright blue beam shone down into the house. They stared in amazement while it just hovered for another 10-15 seconds then the beam went up into the craft as it shot off to the west (to the Gulf of Mexico which is only a quarter of a mile away) and disappeared in micro seconds. They just drove off, didn't say a word and about a mile down the road stopped the car, looked at each other and asked, "did you see anything weird back there?" "Yeah, did you?" "Yeah".

I didn't learn about this story until a year ago, when I saw one of the witnesses Jim K. at a baseball game and somehow my involvement with MUFON came up and he said, "I saw one once, as a matter of fact I was with Alan D. ask him if you don't believe me." "No Jim I believe you, I've known you guys for over 40 years, why didn't you tell someone?" "For fear of being ridiculed or being considered a kook!" he replied. I called Alan D. a few days later and told him that I saw Jim K. recently and he told me a very interesting story about you guys from years ago. Alan questioned, "You mean the UFO thing?" I said, "Yeah, would you mind sharing the experience with me?" He said, "Of course not...he commenced telling me (almost verbatim) what happened that night in the beautiful city of Venice, Fl.

Hi Budd I've met you several times at various conferences and a t.v. show you did with Kathy Fountain in Tampa. You are certainly one of my favorites. I'm a current member of the Truth Seekers of Tampa Bay (formerly MUFON of Tampa Bay). Formerly of MUFON of Tampa Bay because the group dropped out after the State Section Director mandated what will be discussed at MUFON meetings and what will not. I guess people don't like being told what to think! I don't mind, I was in the Navy for twenty-five years, I'm used to it!! Ha, ha, ha! Keep up the good work!


Gordon D. Struble, jr

Witness Background

Jim K. retired police officer. Alan D. retired telephone communications. Gordon retired Navy Cryptologic Technician, and membe of Mufon. Pastel portrait artist (hobby)

Other Comments

What are UFO's? Where do they come from? What do they want? Why are they here?

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Venice, Fl



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