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UFO Sighting Report




Richmond, Virginia


Multiple Luminous, Yellow, Orbs Hovered over the Downtown Skyline

Date Reported:

4/7/2004 5:54:55 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



20 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

It was approximately 8:00-9:00 at night. I was in my dormitory on West Grace Street. I looked out my window, and noticed there were two yellow orbs, one over a building with many antennas, and another, from my perspecitve, over Grace Street. I observed them for some length of time, and the more I examined them, the more their appearance convinced me that they were not stars or planets, as they were just too large. The thought that they could be helicopters did come to mind, but considering their brightness, if they were helicopters, they would have both had to have their spotlights turned directly in my direction. I noticed that the one above the building with the array of antennas was moving at a rate of perhaps 1/8th of the building's width per second, in the rightward direction. I then noticed two more lights, though now I cannot recall their position. The objects did not appear to be hovering over the Downtown area itself, but at some distance further, perhaps over the Bottom (a more southern area of the city.) I went to my next-door neighbor's room and asked her if she had noticed the lights. She had not, but when I pointed them out to her she remarked that they were strange. We both tried to figure out what they were. The light over the building with the antennas then started slowly traveling in our direction, a vector different than previously. I estimate that it passed over Broad and Belvedier in the space of thirty seconds. It could not have been an airplane approaching from a great distance, as it's brightness did not increase while it was staying in one spot, and it was slowly moving to the right when it was hovering, as opposed to northward when it started traveling. The other light that was over Grace street moved off to the left and disappeared behind some buildings. The other two lights were gone. After some time, I watched the area for another few minutes, and there appeared from behind the eastern buildings of downtown an object with two cigar-shaped yellow lights. It travelled to the right and passed through the break in the skyline over Grace street, and at low altitidue (perhaps the top of the buildings over which it was.) I was very startled. I estimate that this object was much closer, behaps immediately behind the buildings. It could not have been a helicopter. It could have been two luminescent blimps flying in ridiculously close formation. It passed through the break in the skyline in the space of one and a half seconds. For the next hour or so, I noticed two helicopters, (for they were distinctly helicopters, with small, pure white lights and red lights to the rear) coming in for landings over the eastern section of the city, then circling around over the northern part and coming back in for another landing. At one point a helicopter passed close enough for me to see the markings on it.

Witness Background

Student at VCU

Other Comments

I have been, and remain, very skeptical on the subject of UFO's, and I think this is a healthy view. One should form beliefs on the basis of evidence, not what one wishes to be true. It is important to acknowledge the fact that most sightings have turned out to be planets, aircraft, atmospheric phenomena, and the like. I make no claim that what I saw was of extraterrestrial origin. The objects were UFO's simply by virtue of the fact that they flew, and I could not identify them.

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