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UFO Sighting Report




wichita, kansas, usa


it was shiny

Date Reported:

4/7/2004 1:13:11 PM



No. of Witnesses: 

8 to 10


7 to 10 mins

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

i was looking at the moon. at about 2 o clock the moon was high in the sky and also the sun. i saw a shiny metal like sphere just near the moon. everybody looked at it. i asked "how come a star be seen at this broad daylight." as we were looking it was moving. 2 of our friends could not see that at all while we could see so clearly the shiny object. again since it was moving we thought it to be an aeroplane, very high up in the sky. but it took a sharp turn and moved to southward very slowly. we guessed it to be a satellite but we thought satellites are either geostationary or they move in a fixed orbit. the object moved in a zig zag way. and at the end it started going straight towards the sky vertically up till it dissappeared.

later, we thought that since america is so advanced the object must be some american built machine for research purposes..

it has not been long since we saw it. just about 4 weeks

Witness Background

my name is prajwal.. it has just been about 3 months since i came to usa..all my friends are new although they are from nepal..i stay in merlini hall..in newman university, wichita, kansas, usa

Other Comments

i dont know.. i just wrote what i saw and what my friends saw..could be an american technology also or could be ufo alsso

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Your Location: 

wichita, kansas, usa