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UFO Sighting Report




Akron, Ohio


Silver disk viewed flying in and out of clouds

Date Reported:

7/28/2004 8:26:24 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



~ 10 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was about 14 at the time this happened. It was a cool mid-summer afternoon like we would sometimes get in NE Ohio. I was a paperboy and my helper (also 14) and I were on our way to pick up our newspapers, which were delivered by truck a few blocks from my home. As we were cutting through some backyards, I commented to my helper how neat the big, fair-weather cumulus clouds overhead looked. The clouds probably covered half of the sky. The atmosphere was very clear, so in between was bright sunshine and deep blue sky. At the moment we looked up, we were both startled to see a silver, disk-shaped object moving rapidly overhead. The apparent size and shape was about that of a nickel held at arms length. The surface appeared polished because it was very shiny in the sunlight. We saw the object disappear into the side of one cloud, emerge from it, then disappear into the next cloud. We never regained sight of it after that. Total elapsed time could not have been more than 10 seconds. Afterwards, I asked my helper if he'd seen what I had seen and he agreed the object he saw had a definite disk shape.

The direction of the object was approximately east to west. It was not directly overhead but off 10 or 15 degrees to our south so we saw it at a slight angle. The speed seemed similar to conventional aircraft we had seen. No unusual manuevers - just a graceful straight-line flight path.

I have never seen anything like it since. I kind of wish I would, just so I could prove to myself that I accurately observed it and it wasn't just teen-age imaginiation.

Witness Background

I was just a kid then but I am now a college-educated, Information Technology professional.

Other Comments

I think the vast majority of UFO sightings are explainable in prosaic terms. However, there are a few that probably do represent an unknown phenomenon of some type. As to the nature of that phenomenon, I choose to withhold judgement until some real facts are known.

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Cincinnati, Ohio



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