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UFO Sighting Report


August, 1970


Port Chester, New York, United States


2 boomerang-shaped things, bright blueish/greenish white, crossed entire sky from the south west horizon to a point above and beyond terrace I stood . I never knew who to "report" this to, and next morning local airport had no INFO.

Date Reported:

8/13/2004 11:42:46 AM

Sighting Time: 

12:15 am



No. of Witnesses: 



4 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

diameter of a moon perhaps

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

impossible to know, they seemed close

Shape of Object(s)


Full Description & Details

It was around the 13th of August either 1969 or '70. We lived in a 6th floor apt in Port Chester, NY (about 25 miles north of NYC). I was out on the terrace waiting to see early meteors (it was the first night of the Perseid meteor shower).

I faced the direction from which they were supposed to arise. It was only about 12:15 a.m., too early to expect to see anything much. It was nice and dark that night.

Then low on the horizon, a bright light appeared. I remember thinking, “wow, this is going to be quite a show”, when two boomerang-shaped things - one slightly "ahead" of the other, but rigidly constant in their position to each other, flew over. They were a luminous silvery green or blue color... the color of a cool flourescent light bulb when it's on.

The glowing objects crossed the entire sky, from the horizon to a point directly overhead and then over my building, where they disappeared from my view, in about 3 seconds. Maybe it was as little as 1 second. It was extraordinarily fast and totally silent.

I remember this as if it just happened a moment ago. Ofcourse I'll never forget it. I didn't call the airforce, or the police, I just put on the radio and called the host of an all night radio show and told him what I'd just seen. His response was something like,”wow, that’s wild, that’s cool.”

I did NOT return to the terrace to see the meteor shower. Nothing falling thru the atmosphere could have matched what I'd just seen.

The next morning, I called the Westchester County airport to ask whether any new planes were being tested (as if they would have told me, or as if they would even have KNOWN) or if anyone had reported seeing anything strange in the skies the night before. I expected and got the answer, “no.”

That August night in Port Chester, NY was NOT the first time I saw a UFO. It sounds suspect even to me, but there were dozens of people who saw what I will now describe.

In 1967 and 1968 we went to the precurser of the BIG Woodstock music festival - in Woodstock, NY. Both were held on labor-day weekend in September. 68. (These 2 small festivals were the inspiration for the famous, enormous Woodstock festival and I'm sure that many attendees were stoned on marijuana by the time IT happened...... but, mass hypnosis? You judge.

I was lying on a blanket looking up at the night sky (always loved to sky-watch) and saw what was "obviously" satellite, slowly crossing the sky. I'd seen satellites before and knew what they looked like. A gentleman adjacent to our spot on the lawn heard me say "look, a satellite" -- and he yelled out for folks to look up. OK, now dozens, maybe 100s of us were watching, when suddenly this "satellite" stopped moving for afew moments. Then, it turned. Stopped again. ( Now folks were yelling & screaming... ) and then it turned some more, wiggled about, and suddenly whooshed up and away fading into the darkness. ( I could say, at the speed of light!)

Unbelieveable, a year later, same festival, my "neighbor ono his blanket" wasn't there but the announcer onstage heard people yelling to look up, and again, we all did, and AGAIN, we all saw the same performance.

Was this mass hypnosis? Did someone have a powerful flashlight? It was the dawn of laser beam technology… could someone have gone to so much trouble? But… there were no clouds in the sky. Lots of stars.

Iit wasn't until a year LATER, when I had the really awesome experience, that I realized I was one of the few lucky people to have actually seen UFOs.

I believed in them for years before I ever saw one.

That’s my story. I’ve meant to tell it all to one of these UFO watcher groups, or to the AirForce, or to someone doing serious research I really wouldn’t know WHERE to go with it. But until then, it's not something I usually discuss; I don't feel like being pigeonholed as some sort of weirdo who makes up wild stories or has hallucinations.

Witness Background

college education; well read, always interested in sciences, a birder, a naturalist; usually quite skeptical but also open-minded. Have been a "star-gazer" since I was about 13. Worked for many years (offices, taught piano, catered dinners, graphic design) then studied professional horticulture & now have own biz as garden designer.

Other Comments

This is the first time I have ever "publically" told of my experience. I have longed to contact the "right" people... and still am not sure if your website is the way to go... but it's a start. This happened so long ago that, unless I find my old agenda, or something with a date on it, I won't really know whether it was 68, 69 or 70. I regret not having made an official report to -- who? The Air Force? oh well... the best possible thing for me would be to have SOMEONE confirm that they saw this event.... I was totally sober, wide awake, not on drugs;

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highland park, NJ USA



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