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UFO Sighting Report


July, 1974


The Dalles, Oregon, United States


Craft that hovered outside the window of an upstairs bedroom shared by 3 kids in approximately 1974. This was on E. 8th Street in The Dalles, Oregon.

Date Reported:

8/18/2004 4:44:16 PM

Sighting Time: 

2 am



No. of Witnesses: 




No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

3-4' round

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

1-2' at closest distance

Shape of Object(s)

orb or cone

Color of Object(s):

black and silver

Full Description & Details

I am the youngest in my family and was probably 3 years old when this happened. I awoke in my sister's bed, to see the bedroom lit up by a bright eerie light (you could see dust floating in the air, which cannot be seen normally). The light was coming from something stationed outside of our window (a more complete description is below). I got up off the bed, and saw my sister screaming but (possibly) unable to move from her spot, standing halfway between the bed and the window, and off to my right. She was hysterical but I could understand that she did not want me to go near this light, which was shining in her direction. So I moved toward the light and notice my brother standing next to the window, on the left side of it, mostly out of the direct light coming through the window. I try to get his attention, but he is frozen (I believe his eyes are open) and doesn't respond to me. My sister is still yelling. I wonder where my parents are with all this going on. I do not care anymore and stand so that my face is right next to the windowsill looking out at the object. I felt warmed by the light, and it felt comfortable and friendly. I reach toward it with my right hand, but my sister somehow gets through to me and I think that I didn't touch it... I don't remember this event immediately, but think of it as a strange dream later on in childhood and adulthood, until my sister's 30th birthday, when she mentions a strange dream she had as a kid (which was basically what you've already read of my experience). I told her it was not a dream, told her to stop talking and finished it for her. Her smile dropped, and we knew it wasn't a dream. We contacted our brother and he remembered almost everything, and he could only picture the light as a "glowing, swirling ball of pigeons". I made a drawing of the craft a few years ago and showed it to my sister, but she did her own drawing at the same time (in different locations, so we could not cheat but had to go from memory) - they are very similar, and I think I even filled in some details because I got so close to it. Anyway I remember this part of the craft that was facing the window, was probably as big as a hula-hoop. The outer color was black matte, and it was built in a sort of cone form, or funnel, with the small end pointing away from me and into the inside of this object. I could see facing it that it had a flat outer ring- probably 4" wide band, black/silver color, with 4 evenly spaced lights on it the size of a regular baseball - that would form a square pattern over the band, if you stood back and "connected the dots". The 4 lights were red, green, blue and yellow. The outer ring with these 4 lights on it began to spin in a clock wise direction, slowly and eventually so fast it was dizzying. Further into the craft, what I could see deeper, past this outer ring, was something that formed the cone shape, which looked like tiny silver fan blades, fanning out from the middle. Except where they met in the middle was a very bright, white light the size of a softball, or slightly larger. So these tiny fan blades seemed to disappear behind the bright light in the very center of the craft, from my perspective, which was eye-level from the windowsill. The silver blades moved in a circular motion and made a soft whirring sound, I really cannot describe the sound to you. Anyway that is all I can recall, but the main color were black and silver with the different colored lights on it. My sister seems to remember a craft shaped like a cornucopia, with the wide end up against the window. I only remember looking at it as if it were a large ball or ring against the window, but then I was much shorter than her at the time...

Witness Background

Government worker with some college. Currently enrolled in college part-time. Have had some other strange ufo experiences but at more of a distance, and have NEVER seen any "beings" to my knowledge.

Other Comments

I will send 5 drawings, from me and the siblings involved, in an email shortly.

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Reported To: 

other websites at other times...

Your Location: 

Aloha & The Dalles, Oregon, USA



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