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UFO Sighting Report


about 1997


mercer, Pennsylvania, United States


..it moved so perfectly straight and slow, I thought I was looking at a computer graphic.

Date Reported:

9/29/2004 5:04:15 PM

Sighting Time: 

11:30 pm



No. of Witnesses: 



3 min.

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)


Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

75' to 125'

Shape of Object(s)

vertical and horizontal discs

Color of Object(s):

white, yellow and orange

Full Description & Details

I was heading from Fredonia Pa to Mercer Pa just before midnight in the winter of 1997 (I think it was). I noticed two "headlights" way ahead of me and thought....wow I didn’t realize the elevation was so high...It wasn’t. I stopped the car once I realized this object was in the air. It had two vertical white discs in the front like headlights only these discs were at least 13’ in diameter each and about 3 to 4’ apart. I got out of my car on the side of the road and it flew almost directly over me. It was between 75 to 125’ in the air moving about a jogging pace. There were oncoming cars driving by as if they saw nothing. I thought to myself “ Oh, ok,…it’s an ultralight plane”. But it was bitterly cold, about 15 degrees below zero. And then as it passed I saw the “headlights” had a depth to them, meaning about 2 to 3 foot thick. And underneath, there were 4 horizontal discs…side by side. Each a bout 9’ diameter yellow orange, yellow orange about 1 to 2’ thick. I said to myself (out loud) “Ok….its a ????...um, well it looks too stupid to be an alien craft. The “headlights are not very aerodynamic. It made no sound that I could hear even though my Honda CRX idled very quietly so, that blew my ultralight and even a blimp theory. I have seen both of those in the daytime and I know how loud they are. I did not shut the engine off because I have watched too many Si-Fi movies and thought maybe this thing drains power as it flies and may have killed my battery…LOL!

I stood in the road staring in awe on how it was moving. ..It moved so perfectly straight and slow, I thought I was looking at a computer graphic. Even if I was convinced it WAS a blimp or something terrestrial, I AM convinced there is nothing that can fly THAT smoothly. There was a vertical white disc in the back about 10’ in diameter. I could not make out any structure holding the discs together. I jumped into my car and flew home (about 5 miles) to call my friend that I just dropped off in Fredonia. And told him that something was heading his way. I hung up and grabbed my video camera ran outside……and…I ran back inside. I was spooked. I just could not get over the weird movement and for the first time it hit me I COULD have just seen a real Alien Craft. It is a very strange feeling to have seen something THAT close and not know what it is. Other UFO witnesses know what I mean. I called back my friend after a few minutes and his family saw nothing. I called the Mercer State Police the next day. I sheepishly asked her

If anyone reported anything weird in the sky. She said no, and checked to see if the Lifeflight was out and it was not.


I could submit a drawing if needed.

Witness Background

CB Radio Business owner who has a nation wide reputation with the truck drivers for fairness and honestly. All people who know me can count on my honesty.

Other Comments

... I have since talked to hundreds of Truck Drivers...(because they look outside 24/7) I have heard many sightings stories...including "Space Balls". UFOs about the size of a beachball that have been seen at the juntion of I-79 & I-80 by over five people.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Mercer State Police and to friends

Your Location: 

Grove City, Pa. USA



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