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algonquin park canada


There was no sighting but something strange happened one night to my friend and I while on a canoe trip.

Date Reported:

10/3/2004 6:51:31 PM



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No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

While on a canoe trip with a friend in 1983 we had an odd experiance. I never gave much thought to it being related to a UFO event but after seeing a report of a possible abduction of 4 campers on a fishing trip, I began to wonder. My friend and I were on a week long canoe trip in Algonquin Provincal Park. It was autumn so it got dark early. On the second day of our trip we decided to camp on Burnt Island Lake. We found an empty site that we liked. We set up camp and spent the rest of the daylight hours taking pictures and gathering wood for our campfire. As darkness fell we started a fire. My friend was unusally quiet and he kept putting a lot of wood on the fire keeping it large. After a short while he said he was going to bed. I hadn't said anything to him but I was feeling very uncomfortable. It felt like we were being watched. I didn't want to sit up at the fire by myself so I followed him into the tent. Before we went into the tent my friend piled a more wood on the fire so it was really bright in the campsite. The flames were quite high as we got into our sleeping bags. I was laying on my side facing the tent wall. I remember that I could see the bright glow of the fire through the tent fabric. Then suddenly it was dark. That was when my friend nudged me and asked what happened to the fire. I could hear the stress in his voice. We both sat up and looked out the door at the fire. It had burned down to a bed of coals even though we had just piled it high with wood. I didn't get much sleep that night and as soon as it grew light my friend got up and said he wanted to get an early start. we didn't fix breafast, we just packed as fast as we could and left the area. Once we were off that lake and portageing to the next lake my friend told me that he was glad to be away from that area. He said that he had a very wierd feeling the night before. He said that he felt threatened at the fire, That was why he wanted to get in the tent so early.He didn't understand why the fire had burned down to nothing as soon as we were in the tent. I told him that I had felt uncomfortable also. We both laughed it off and joked that maybe we had camped on an old indian burial ground. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I always watch the night sky when I'm out side. I never saw anything unusual in the sky on that trip. Shortly after that trip I began having what I refer to as sleep episodes. I will be asleep but in the middle of the night I'll wake up. I can't move or see anything but I have the strongest feeling that someone or something is in my room and I'm angry and afraid. Most of the time I try to call out for help, but I can't speak. Once in a while I would wake up in a sitting position. I'd be screaming " Get out, Leave me alone". I'm a grown man but when I'd have one of these episodes I'd have to leave the bedroom light on the rest of the night because I was so scared. As the years passed these events occured less and less until they stopped a year ago. An odd thing is, I worked a rotating shift but the only time I ever had one of these episodes was when I worked the day shift. They never happened when I worked midnights and slept during the day. I always attribuited these sleep problems to sleep paralysis syndrome. My Friend and I returned to the same camp site two years after the event. We wanted to see if we would have the same sense of foreboding that we had the first time. We spent the night at the site. We both had a little apprehension about staying there but that soon wore off and we had an enjoyable night at the fire by the lake. Neither one of us had the threatening feelings that we had experienced the first time.

After seeing the story about the four men on a fishing trip (two were brothers and they both had night mares about abductions) I began to wonder about my camping trip. I've thought about hypnosis but I'm not sure I want to know what happened that night, if anything.

Witness Background

I have a high school education and work in the high performance Ceramics industry as a Master technican. .

Other Comments

I have always had an interest in science and space. I know in my heart that we are not alone in the universe, however I'm not sure that they can get here or that we will ever reach them. Because it takes so long for the light of stars to reach us, any signal that we detect will most likely be from a dead civilazation. We can only observe but not comunicate. I know people are seeing things that can't be explained and some truly believe that they were abducted. Perhaps its time travel, our own governments research or natural phenomenon. I'll keep an open mind, and an eye on the sky.

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Niagar Falls,NY



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