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UFO Sighting Report


Between the years 1997-2005


Camarillo, California, United States


Flying objects belong to the Beings who has performed the star of Bethlehem

Date Reported:

2/11/2005 8:39:04 PM

Sighting Time: 

Day And Night



No. of Witnesses: 



Sometimes Hours

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)


Distance to Object(s) & Altitude


Shape of Object(s)

creates different shapes when spin or angle

Color of Object(s):

Before sunset black and white. After sunset multi colors

Full Description & Details

During the day time, sometimes as much as fifty flying objects together will travel faraway in the sky. In day time the objects has black arround and the center white. By the time sunset those flying objects will spred in certain ares of the sky and stay on one place with colorfull lights on. We will see the flying objects and the planets altogether as stars in the night sky. That's how another lifeform who has a connection to the mankind because of the performance of the star of Bethlehem, have managed to watch us day and night everyday. The white bottom of the object is a huge light that they will watch the activities on the Earth. Sometimes shoots a beam of light. The light balls that the people have seen and video taped while making crop circles are the end of this long light.

Other Comments

On a clear day by the time that sunset check for big bright stars in the sky. If you see any remember the area and wait untill next day. Next day before sunset check the same area in the sky and if you see any use a Camcorder, Binoculers or a Tellescope. You will see a flying object. To the naked eye you could see the object will move side to side. Actually when these flying objects stay on one place it will continuously spin. I believe them as the Teachers of the mankind and all the mysterious crations on the Earth are a work done by them.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Contacted many experts. No one is interested


Kithsiri (keith).M.Vandebona

Your Location: 

Camarillo. California.United States

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