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UFO Sighting Report




Vlaardingen, Netherlands


My childhood sighting

Date Reported:

3/15/2005 2:09:31 PM

Sighting Time: 

7:30 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



3 to 5 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 

small town

Size of Object(s)

size of a large plane/ship

Shape of Object(s)

dish with a long bar attached

Color of Object(s):

grey, dark. covered with lights

Full Description & Details

When I was about 8 years old I was watching TV on the sofa.

It was after we had dinner. My mother was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. The sofa was next to a large window from where you can see the front garden.

It was dark outside, and it was about 7:30 PM. Suddenly, something caught my attention. In the corner of my eye I saw a large object in the sky, so I walked to the window to take a closer look.

What I saw is best to be described as a big round dish with a long bar attached to it. I think the size of the object was large, maybe as large as a ship or airplane. And it was pretty close to our house. It was full with little lights and it went over our house slowly and very calm. I called my mother to come look at it, and we both looked at the object. As soon as it was above our house, out of our sight, we ran upstairs, and looked through the bedroom-window where we could see it again.

Slowly it drifted over our house into the darkness of the evening. I think the whole encounter took about 3 to 5 minutes. I have a very clear memory of my childhood. I'm an illustrator, and a year ago I made an image of what I remember. What you see on the image is what I saw from the bedroom window. This is what I "almost exactly" remember, including the atmosphere of the sky. Except that I don't know about the little lights, how many there were and where they where positioned.

When I asked my mother about it she said she remembers it as "full with little lights". I can´t explain it. I've never seen a photograph or a sketch that looked like the object that we saw.


Answers to some further follow-up questions:

Q. Also, what direction was the object moving (was the long bar in the front,or was the round dish in the front)?

A. The dish was in the front

Q. And can you estimate the height (altitude) of the object or distance to the object?

A. 30 to 50 meters I think. (difficult to say)

Q. Can you estimate the speed of the object?

A. Best to compare with what I remember is, the speed was "calm", like a ship slowly moving forward in the ocean. That's the best way to describe it. It was not in a hurry at all. It was going forward with the dish in the front. No strange movements, just straight forward.

Q. If you can also describe the relative size -- if you held your arms stretched out in front of you, how far apart would your fingers or hands have to be to cover the UFO, for example "1 foot across at arm's length"?

A. Very difficult to say, I was a child, my arms where shorter! I really don't know. What you see on the picture is what is in my memory.

Q. Were you born in the Netherlands; if not, how long have you lived there, and how did you learn to speak English?

A. I was born and still live in the Netherlands, english education start at about when I was about 12 years old. (That's normal for that age in the Netherlands)

Q. Specific town or location where the sighting took place?

A. The sighting was in a town called "Vlaardingen".

Witness Background

I'm an illustrator. Academic art education.

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Your Location: 

the netherlands



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