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UFO Sighting Report


August, 20, 2005


Seoul, Korea, Republic


Disc shaped UFO photographed in South Korea.

Date Reported:

8/24/2005 10:10:15 AM



No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Email from HeeJoo Kim in South Korea:


I've watched 3 types of UFO in Aug. 20, 2005 at Seoul, South Korea.

That was very clear sky and some of withe cloud. Time was 4:00 P.M to 5:30 P.M. My camera is Sony DSC-F707 attatched with skylight filter.

The first UFO I have watched was below.

I went out to take a picture about 4:00 P.M. near my house. When I saw sky, very bright white and circular object was moved East to West. That was not too fast, so I clearly watch the object untill that was disappeared behind the cloud. I think that was about few minutes. I took some picture of that, but my camera was in Shuter Time priority mode. The shuter speed was 1/20s, so the image was too bright to analyze.

Second was black disk type object.

That was very fast and too far too take a picture well. After downloaded from my camera I found out only a black small point. That object was moved right and left, and after a few seconds, that was moved opposit direction of me very high speed. I thought the UFO was hovering around my area and resoluted I would not miss to take some picture well if that UFO appear again.

Third time was below.

After missed two times of the UFO, I thought the UFO was hovering around my area and resolved I would not miss to take some picture well if that UFO appear again. I have turned on my camera, and watched sky cafully here and there. That time, one UFO was flight right over on my place. That was very close. I was on the new road which width was about 10m and not open. So any of car was parking on that road. The UFO was flight top of the road and moved left side of the road. So I took about 10 pictures. That was very clear day, the sun light was too bright to see the LCD view finder. So I took pictures the UFO without viewing finder of my camera. Fortunately, I succeeded to take four picture. When I watched the UFO first, that was black and emulate bright light intermittently and rotated left to right.

After downloaded the image files and opened it, the image of the UFO was close blue color. You can see the different position of the emulating point on the four picture of the UFO. Because I was stand same direction on the road. The sun was front of me. I watched the object about 3 minutes. The UFO was disappeared from my sight to the South.

That was my watching story.

I send you 4 pictures of UFO and just 2 pictures of the sky of that place where I took the pictures. And just added enlarged pictures.

My English is not good. Please revise all of the sentence, and ask me any questions.

best regards

HeeJoo Kim


HeeJoo Kim

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