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UFO Sighting Report


September, 2005


Niles, Illinois, United States


Date Reported:

9/22/2005 10:04:20 PM

Sighting Time: 

5:45pm, but lasted to nightfall



No. of Witnesses: 



An hour at least

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Very simply they were white roundish lights. Could not add anymore than that.

Size of Object(s)

Holding my arm out then to grab it with my fingers I would say it was maybe an inch or less. Hard to say for actual size as they were the distance of planes. So they could be the size of planes, or smaller if their light aura expands its visual with glow. So, perhaps the size of planes.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Urban area. Lot's of houses and businesses. One very small power plant 5 minutes away from my position. To the North of the location I was viewing the UFO's around 7 minutes away there use to be a small military base. No longer there since 2-3 years. To the South West of the location I was viewing there is some station that sets of an alarm that sounds like it must be for tornado warnings, and sounds exactly as a horn rotating 360 degrees as it's horn alarm fades away and then comes back again and repeats. There is also an airport 20 minutes away South West.

Full Description & Details

Between 5-7pm

Two white lights, circular. At first thought it was perhaps planes, but both stood still exactly at their spots and had maintained their light during last hours of light on to the night.

Distance from my view is about as far as a plane but much brighter. When first spotted them it was still plenty of light and sun and thought them to be peculiar as I recognized that they did not move and were stationary in the sky. These lights did not flicker or flash, just solid white. The position or arrangement of these two solid hovering lights was as follows: They were away from each other about 6-8x the length of thier sizes. And one is higer up than the other, that one being on the right side. So, the left side is lower than the right one. The one higher was about 6-7x it's size higher up. I was facing West to see them, so the higher up one on my right is to the North side, and the lower one to my left is to the south side.

I asked an available passing bystander to see what I was seeing and he mentioned to me dismissively that they must be antenna towers with a light at the top. But they were not, as there are no towers in that area, let alone that high. Again, as high as a plane.

As I arrived home it was night already, decided to grab my camcorder and video tape them. The taping is not great but very visible to show people. These lights remained there for a good one hour, and as I came out of another building they were no longer there. If you could see stars in the day that's what they would look like but more brighter.



If it comes out okay for this formating above I have typed "X's" to better describe the visual position.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Definately not stars as I saw them in the day. Not animals as again they were stationary. Not clouds because they were luminous lights that shined on thru the night. If any mistake it would have to be man-made, but none seem concievable; hence Unidentified. Blimps can't stay stationary or come in two and that glow. The same for airplanes. I don't know the nature of weather balloons as to wheather they can glow or burn with a white light and appear as two. The best man-made explanation was as the bystander mentioned; two towers with a light on top, but there are no towers in that area especially that high up so airborne.

Witness Background

I'm in delivery so drive all day. Took 3 years of college, don't take drugs and as somewhat of a newcomer to the subject I am a bit intimidated by what the David Icke fellow has to say.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Extreme skeptic all my life, had a very negative view towards those who like to believe in such things. Only 6-7 months ago was presented mathematical evidence that was undeniable regarding things extra-terrestial. Since then have been more educated upon the subject and in Anthropology in general. I don't like to call myself a "believer" but rather someone who is now aware. Again this was 6-7 months ago that my awareness and humble study has occurred, and am reporting a possible ufo sighting that occurred 2 weeks ago. Once or twice I've noticed odd things in the sky that could've been planes or something else, this one is the most unusual and have caught it on video tape.

Other Comments

There is no official organization in regards to this global phenomenon, which would really strengthen the purpose of informing people earlier and explaining many things. This oppurtinity to report in such detail and also this site in general is in that direction. I hope it grows and so may aid more like myself.

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