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UFO Sighting Report


September, 2005


Lexington Park, Maryland, United States


Dark object in night sky over vacant well-lit intersection. Object - appeared small but as it got closer it was - Large - bigger than a football field and descended. No lights. Black underbelly.

Date Reported:

10/17/2005 11:54:22 AM

Sighting Time: 

1:00 am



No. of Witnesses: 

1 ?


I really don't know

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

The object was dark even in the sky. Now that I think about it - it makes sense - a dark unlit object can't easily be seen at night...until it's close. But at the time, I wasn't thinking about that at all. I was just watching it. No lights anywhere that I noticed. As it got closer, it was enormous. At least a football field length long - maybe bigger but I couldn't see it completely becuase it was so close overhead. Then, the lights were on but it just glowed on the bottom. Don't know what the top was like...never saw it.

Size of Object(s)

At least a football field length - maybe bigger.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Where I live there is a military base. Large base. They test a lot of planes. Where I remember seeing the object/dreaming it? was in an intersection - nothing was around but the town where I used to live was Grand Forks, ND and there is a military base there too. And that is where I thought I was - North Dakota????

Full Description & Details

This occurred late at night - I was sleeping. I'm still not sure if it was a lucid dream, or what, but it bothers me. The first thing I remember is I was standing on a street corner - no cars were around. It was late at night and there was another girl standing near me, to my left side. I did not know her. I felt like I was waiting for something but did not know what exactly. The intersection reminded me of one in North Dakota where I lived a few years ago... because my surroundings were flat unlike my current residence where there are lots of trees and some hills. I looked to the sky and saw this dark object - it looked like a dark ball - no lights. And I thought to myself, huh, I that's not so big, I thought they'd be bigger. But then I realized that it was far away because it grew in size.

I had to tilt my head backwards to see the thing and I still couldn't see it all. It was black beneath - I have no idea what the top looked like - never saw it. I remember noticing light around me, but I don't recall seeing actual lightbulbs or lights on the underside. I don't know it's exact shape because the thing was way out and dark and then over my head. If I were to guess - I'd say triangular, but it's just a guess.

The next thing I remember is being in a small room. The lights were dimmed and it all seemed to be in muted tones. I'm fogetting some of the details - the colors and all. That bothers me too. Anyways, I realized the other girl/lady was not with me anymore and I asked this female thing where the lady went. She let me know without speaking - almost as if she sent me a chunk of information - a complete thought - I don't know how else to explain it. - that the lady/girl was on her own "tour". That's the thought I got - a tour or with other guides. Something like that. ? Then, it's like I realized I was not in my bed and I was talking to this "alien" and I got kind of excited. I looked at her better now...because before I was concerned with where this lady disappeared to and so Ii didn't even really "look" at the person in the room. But she was very thin - short but not much shorter than me - I'm 5'2''. One wierd thing - she had hair - I realized it was wierd and must have thought something like you aren't supposed to have hair (it looked like a blonde wig styled like that of a 1960's airline stewardess)????? because she sent me this thought like, it's too comfort you. I guess so I would be more at ease but it just looked so wrong. I seemed to focus on her darn hair. It was just not right. Anyways, I was still excited not frightened and not at ease either. I asked her now, am I dreaming? Because the wig/hair thing really was just wrong. She told me - or sent me the idea - no you are not dreaming. Then, I got really excited and I blurted out or thought instantly - I knew it! I knew you were real. I got this feeling of her being so pleased that it almost seemed that she was laughing...but her expression never changed. She was so pleased with me. That made me feel good. I wanted her to be happy. Then, she asked if I was ready for the tour? I followed her out of the room into a hallway. I remember that the hall was a silver grey or maybe a metallic color. It was much brighter in the hallway - I again saw no "lights" but it was light all around me. Anways, we walked a little bit and I have a vague memory of seeing some sort of elevator in the center of this large open room when we walked around the corner. (I just remembered that! I think I had forgotten) It just opened up and was huge - beautiful really. It reminded me - the closest thing I could think of - like the center of a mall. The kind that has those glass windows on the ceiling and the waterfountain below? No waterfountain was there but I think there were plants around the elevator thingy. We didn't go into the center but kept onthe outside near the wall. I followed her and I don't remember much talking/thinking from her as we walked. We entered another room and this room was enormous too. It had hundereds, maybe, of chairs in it. They appeared similar to those chairs that have the metal on the outide in a shape of an "s" and then the seats are plastic. I think they have or had them in elementary schools? Anyways, the seats were located in the center of this very large open area. Glass windows or maybe it was a shiny metal all was to my left. Then, she kind of thought to me that she hoped I would be pleased. I got the feeling I was being rewarded - that this was a surprise, a reward of some kind. And I felt that she was going to let me see my grandparents - but they are dead. I had noticed when I first entered this room that there were photos - I guess - they had people's faces on them and I guess they were photos - the photos were sitting on the chairs. The top of the photos were resting against the back of the chairs and the bottom edge of the photo was on the seat part. She walked to the left side of the mass of chairs. I just kept looking at all the faces on the photos....they were of all races. All different. All of varying ages. Hundreds - I felt overwhelmed. She got near the back rows of the seats and stopped. Then, she motioned with her hand for me to go into the row of chairs. She was so proud I felt. So happy for me and hoped I was happy too. I was feeling excited and happy but confused. Then, she told me to stop. I stopped and looked at the phtoos on the chairs. She seemed to sense my confusion. And I felt her mood change. That scared me. Concerned me. She asked if I knew these people but they were Indian - not native american but Indian...I think or maybe they were asian...but the skin was dark and the eyes were dark and the hair was dark but I am light haired and blue-green eyed. I said I didn't know these people. Like I said, I had thought I was going to get to see my grandparents and indeed these two people looked old and one was female and the other was male but they were NOT relatives of mine. Then, her mood went icy cold. She just shut off...and I felt nothing from her. I worried that I had displeased her and that I'd done something wrong. I think I kept thinking what did I do? What is wrong? Then, these shorter, twig like grey beings were around me - encircling me -and they were kind of pushing me down to the floor. She was still hadn't moved. But I could see her through the opening of the heads. I was laying on my right side and I saw this needle thingy coming toward me and I think but am not sure that the liquid inside was orange - ? Not sure. Anyways, they put it in my arms and I woke...in my bed on my left side with a sore left upper shoulder. There was a small bruise and a pin prick mark on my shoulder. It's gone now.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

It could DEFINATELY be explained as a dream but that was one hell of a dream then.

Witness Background

College educated, with B.A. in German, minor in Marketing. Worked in the celluar industry as a customer service rep, now I'm stay-at-home mother of two. I paint, write, draw, camp, bike and knit as hobbies.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have never been certain about their visiting the earth. Do I believe they exist in the universe - absolutely. Have I read about them - I have books my dad has sent me. He sends me them because he says he has seen them. I have been interested in them and I have not read them all but I have read a lot about them. I have never dreamed of them before.

Other Comments

I want to know what this was. Did I dream it? It felt very real. I have drawn the pictures of it. I've gone back through the books my dad gave me about UFO's trying to find something - something similar - but I found nothing. I did find your URL/email address from the book: The Threat. I skimmed it and don't recall anything similar to my experience. I don't remember ever having anything like this before. Just had a thought - I've also lived in Virginia Beach, VA. ...huge navy shipyard and base there.

Reported Sighting? 


Your Location: 

Lexington Park, MD, USA



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