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UFO Sighting Report


October, 15, 2005


Arizona, United States


Low flying circular object changing colors persued by two F-16 fighters. Flew in 6-8 mile circles .

Date Reported:

10/21/2005 2:57:12 PM

Sighting Time: 

8:30 - 11:30



No. of Witnesses: 



10-30 min

Size of Object(s)

1 st object about 1.5 times the length of the F-16s, others no way to tell.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

as low as 2500 ft to 10,000 and others well over 100,000 ft

Description of Area / Surroundings

No military bases although it is a decoy and practice range for F-16 and A-10 military aircraft. as well as an occasional F-18, Tornado, F-111, Blackhawk and Cobra Helicopters and drug running aircraft. We are well aquainted with all.

Full Description & Details

Low flying circular object changing colors persued by two F-16 fighters. Flew in 6-8 mile circles

playing with the 16s that were under full afterburner until fuel ran low. Went verticle several times from a dead stop and easily out accelerated them straight and in turns.. Changed colors , green white-red-blue. Also watched it through night vision owl scope with 4 power magnifiation.

two witnesses.

Net night witnessed 5 very high objects 120,000 ft plus entering atmospher at about five min. intervals. Entering from the south to the north. Last object skipped on entry, flashed and left short smoke trail. then became visible again for several min as the others were. all slowly dropping below the suns horion . All on same course and entery in same place. appeared to be headed into Nevada. have witnessed numerous UFOs when sitting out at night in the Arivaca area. Several times they were eiting the atmosphere outbound. to the northeast and northwest.

Several years ago got pics of what appears to be a UFO battle over the Tumacacori Mountains just East of Arivaca. Big eplosion but no sound it was so high. Nutty ehhh?!

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No. I have lived here too long and know that this is not normal.

Witness Background

miner and prospector, some college, agri and horticulture 18 years, mining and prosp 25 years, airraft years, online selling years. auto mehanics as hobby. heavy equipment repair. chemical handling etc.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

curiosity as I have witnessed many odd thing living out in the desert with no houses within - miles. Know only that there is reasonable indicators that UFOs are not man made but not sure what they are.

Other Comments

Yeah, you ought to ome here and check these out. It has beome a past time with my partner to kcik back by the campfire and see how many we can see in a night. These are not sats.

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Gus Burk

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