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UFO Sighting Report


late 70s


Shay Gap in Western Australia--an iron ore mining camp


Date Reported:

12/3/2003 5:58:54 AM

Full Description & Details

It was at an outdoor picture theatre in a mining town called Shay Gap in Western Australia. I don't remember the exact year now, but it was approximately 1978 or 1979. There was a movie showing, and a number of us (at least 50) were sitting on deck chairs watching it. It would have been about 9:30 pm. It was a clear and warm night and the sky was brimming with stars that seemed so close that they were touchable--not an unusual experience in the North West here. From out of nowhere (it seemed) a series of pulsating lights appeared in the sky. There was a particularly large light and out from it ( and independent from it) there was a series of smaller lights which swooped and weaved and shot very fast across the sky. They seemed almost playful, and all of us stopped watching the film of course, and watched the lights instead. The " show " took about 20 mins or half an hour and while the lights were playing around, the main light--the large one--remained hovering above us, pulsing fairly slowly. The smaller lights were all over the place, looping the loop, shooting across the sky incredibly fast and then just when we thought they were going to disappear, returning and then doing it again. At some stage, they each returned to the large pulsing light. Suddenly, and at breathtaking speed--the large light which up until then had seemed cumbersome in comparison to the others, pulsed again..twice..and then just took off vertically and disappeared along with the small lights which had returned to it.

Other Comments

I know that my description either sounds strange or boring (or both ) and it could be dismissed as imagination, but all of us saw this happen, so it wasn't a solitary experience. Also, it wasn't just lights in the sky--we'd all seen them before, but these lighst had " agency"--they weren't just a random set of shooting stars or something like that. They all returned to the larger light before it left us rather than being part of a trajectory, or else being out of control or whatever. The whole performance gave us all an impression that each light was definitely in control of itself and moving with purpose. I don't have any opinion either way about UFOs generally, except to say that having had that particular experience (which was not at any stage frightening) I'm probably open to the idea that it's possible that we may occasionally get visited by something or someone non-human. The fact that there doesn't seem to be much evidence of actual contact though says to me that we may just be a passing landmark to something occupied on other business, as I would pass a petrol station along the way to somewhere else. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity you've given me to remember something I rarely think about now, but which, at the time, was exhilarating. Cheers--Fran

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Fran Norton

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Perth, Australia