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UFO Sighting Report


around Nov.10, 2005


Sandy, UT, USA


I was at school and I saw a silver object fly across the sky and land on the mountainside.

Date Reported:

11/26/2005 7:26:42 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



a minute and a half

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was sitting on a grate at my school when something sparkling caught my eye. I looked up and saw a silver object flying across the sky. I called my friend over and we watched it fly over to the mountainside. Once there, it extended tripod legs and landed there-just like "War of the Worlds". It stayed there for I don't know how long, but when I went inside, it was gone.

Witness Background

School:Waterford Occupation:None Education:4th grade

Other Comments

I am related to Jean Zerwas. She met you when she lived in Torrington, Wyoming. She says that she knows you and that you like UFO's as I do. I would like to know your views of alienology and UFOology. Is your personal e-mail address the same as it is on the site? E-mail me by the address I gave you above. Please let me know about these questions as soon as you can.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

Full family


David F.

Your Location: 

Salt Lake City, UT, USA



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