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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

12/6/2003 8:37:22 PM

Full Description & Details

I have seen many strang things none I would ever say was def. a ufo, But my wife and her father and mother all saw one they did not report. This was in 1984 over a field across from a lake called Hermits Lake in Crown Point, Indiana. All persons are Collage Graduets.. One a Professor of Literature. The other two teachers.... The one most Credible is the Professor. He is a skeptic of everything. But since I was interested in the subject and I had researched the subject. He agreed to talk to me about it. I talked to each one seperately. The first saw it over the field over a lake called Hidden lake, behind a church. She being shocked called her daughter and she saw it also. They both then called the third person, the professor and he saw it.. They observed it for sev. min. till it was gone. What they all described was a large ship with the common ufo shape. They saw two levles with tinted windows, and shapes of what appeared to be humans stareing back at them. The ship made no noise. I have to go now I am being called away, I am at work. But to end this , I asked the professor about the size, He stated if the human shaped individules were are size it would fit 1500 to 2000 people in this ship. It also looked as if the ship were kind of glowing red. I think that was the color he said....

Other Comments

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