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UFO Sighting Report


May 1969


Round Rock, Texas (near Austin)


Zig-zagging orange light which appeared to land vertically behind some trees. Strange phenomena - cows bawling, dogs barking. We tried to approach - too frightened.

Date Reported:

12/4/2005 1:10:14 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



1-2 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was briefly staying on an inactive farm (fields used for hay) with some friends outside Round Rock, Texas (near Austin).. There had been a thunderstorm with little rain earlier, the sky was still full of clouds and sudden winds. I felt uneasy and was watching the sky from a second story porch. When I saw the light (about midnight) I called my other friends to witness it. It was an orange light (circular) that swooped rapidly across my field of vison and then zig-jagged back and forth in front of me and then seemed to go down vertically until it was behind some trees. We thought it was a UFO right away. We went to see what was going on outside - laughing and making up silly rules (don't show your teeth, don't make threatening gestures with the flashlight). But it stopped being funny very soon. There were cows and dogs and maybe even a donkey making a racket. I was so afaid I could hardly breathe. The hair was standing up on my neck. We just stopped - could not go any further and returned to the farm house. We did not lock the door because I believed that they (whoever they was) could enter if they wished and I was trying to stay in a friendly mode. I know this is discrediting but two of us were stoned (myself and a man I didn't know) and two were not - I had woke them up. I laid on a bed and absolutely thought I would die of fear - there was a cat with me and it alternately was purring and yowling and scratching. I put the thought out - you are scaring me to death; I can't handle this. The next thing I knew I was "falling asleep" although the substance I had taken made natural sleep very unlikely (concentrated peyote juice).

I woke up in the morning about 6 hours later.. People were very confused about what had happened and one man (who I didn't know) was very angry - he said before he left, "I don't ever want to see any of you again; I don't want to talk about what happened."

Years later after I had told my story to a few people,, a man who had heard it brought a man who had been the mayor of Round Rock to talk to me. He had been awakened by two Mexican kids riding a burro who pounded on his door and told him a space ship had landed in the field. It was after midnight - he had been asleep. Eventually he took them in his car to find it. When they drove out on country roads, the kids said, "It's gone now." He always thought it had been a prank until he talked to me. It was the samel summer; we couldn't say for certain whether it was the same day or week.

Other detail: I attempted to be hypnotized to get more details by a woman who was not trained specifically in this area. She taped the session and on the tape I told her pretty much the same thing except with a thick Texas accent (which I don't have anymore). On the tape I heard her say - "Now its OK for you to tell me the rest of what you know." There is the sound of me breathing. I don't remember much of her process and I did not come up with more information (like what happened after I "fell asleep.") When I had my first child in 1980 I had to have an emergency C section. They were moving pretty fast and put anesthetic in my IV and my doctor leaned over and said "Goodnight" and then my vision went like the old dot on black and white TVs. But in that second I was terrified because I remembered another time with someone/thing leaning over me to see if I was out. It was the memory of my experience in Texas and I held onto that when I later recovered and said hello to my son.

Both of my children have had somewhat odd experiences (that they told me about) which are inconclusive but evocative. I had weird experiences as a child - I had a "game" that I played when I was outside as a small child. I used to get frightened in the field by our house and freeze and not breathe. This was in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin.. I wondered if I and my children had been 'tagged." My son (now an adult) used to joke about his nose implant because he set off a few scanners at video stores by walking through. None of us are fanatic about any of this. Nothing has happened to me or us in a long time but I still have dreams in which I see lights in the sky and am compelled to go outside - I don't want to but do anyway as there is an inevitability that I must. The dreams don't go past this - I am walking alone to a uninhabited area because I must. I am both excited and dreading.

Witness Background

I am a counsellor, with an MA in counselling psychology. I have been in practise for 12 years. I no longer experiment or use any drug except very moderate amounts of alcohol and a very ocassional puff of marijuana at a party.

Other Comments

When I was a young woman I knew some older people who wanted to have a UFO experience. They'd go down to the beach (Texas coast) and watch for them. I NEVER PARTICIPATED. I couldn't say why then. Later I was very clear that it isn't a great thing to have happen.

My son and my daughter had dreams and my daughter was afraid of aliens and drew pictures of them (age 10 -12). I did not encourage her nor have movies or books about this subject available to her.. My son had a complicated dream or experience that happened when he was alone in the house during the day (he also was about 10) - crows with big black eyes came into the room and stood around the bed. I can't tell you how I felt about this - terror mostly - but I did not make a big deal it. I did write it all down and then totally lost the papers. And then I asked him about 4 weeks later if he remembered his dream and he had absolutely no recall. And I never foundt my draft of his telling it to me.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

I wrote Bud Hopkins but never saw him or followed up on his suggestion to be debriefed about this incident.

Your Location: 

Cumberland, BC, Canada



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