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UFO Sighting Report


It seems like a lifetime ago, in the area of ten to fifteen years ago.


Between Pasadena and Glendale, California


Date Reported:

12/8/2003 9:10:51 PM

Full Description & Details

This is one of a few experiences I've had. Occurring in broad day light, being witnessed by at least a hundred others, there can be no doubt of the efficacy of my report.

I, along with two friends had just completed a land deal involving property in Malibu. The sale was made in the home of one Paul Chin whose wife once served as Mayor of a city in the San Gabriel Valley. We were sober and in a responsible state of mind. On leaving Mr. Chin's home we passed through Pasadena to transfer to the 210 freeway.

Coming out of Pasadena toward Glendale foothills border the 210 freeway. As we rode, all of a sudden, from a hillside to our left, we were traveling west, an object lifted off the side of a foothill. At first, I figured the object was a large balloon with a metallic skin. In short order it became obvious it was no balloon however. I noticed the "balloon" was traveling without bobliing on a flat trajectory coming across the freeway. That caught my attention all the more, the angle of the flight was purposed, you could tell the thing was powered not floating along. Excited, I insisted on the car being pulled over as the "craft" proceeded across to come tto a stop along foothills to the right of the freeway. My buddy, who was driving, and the man who'd sold the piece of property saw the same thing as others who'd pulled their cars over to try to get a good look at the strange craft. The vessel just sat, still, next to the hillside. While the spherical shape was something common to our experience, the fact we'd seen the ball shaped craft flying abd coming to a stop, and just hanging in the air, unconcerned with people gawking on exiting their vehicles to see.

Other Comments

Conversations on UFOs and clandestine activity involving secrets by government and, supposedly, private interests abound. A degree of uncertainty is being injected into the subject, no doubt. Anythin having implications posed like UFOs will draw the intereests of authorities and powers who aren't comfortable with sharing word of UFOs reality with the general public. People in the world may as well be aliien concerning their willingness to openly share the reality of UFOs.

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douglas graham