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UFO Sighting Report


The spring of 1980


Dania, Florida.


Date Reported:

12/9/2003 2:27:05 PM

Full Description & Details

It was inbetween sleep and awakeness. I felt myself just take off, I felt vividly traveling fast, underground like a subway and came to a stop in a few seconds. I was standing in front of row houses in New York and I entered in one and went to the 3rd ior 5th floor and went inside an apt which was empty and went over to a window which was cut/open in a circular shape. I think I remember a UFO came and picked me up and I think I remember seeing the earth getting smaller as I left. What I do remember very well besides the initial travel feeling and that it was underground , subway is what has always been how I have described it, but also what I also remember is that I saw myself on the first floor of the UFO and it was as if I was observing, since I was standing there and looking around. I saw 3 human looking persons to my left , at the controls which had large windows I think, anyway, they looked human from the back and they had on form fitted uniforms. I also saw to my right a single bed and on this bed there was a military blanket which has always stayed with me in that I found that to be important piece of information. I also saw in my mind the second floor and it was round and the wall were all computerized. That is all I can remember of this the first of two similiar experiences.

Other Comments

Since it was like an out of body or soul travel or maybe even a abduction? which I have never seen as such, but I have spoken of it to some over the years. I think it was a real and true experinece, especially since I was just getting started in the search for truth in my life .

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Vicky Malagrino

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Pineville, Kentucky