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UFO Sighting Report


around Aug 1993


est bound on interstate 10 on downgrade going into Coachella Valley


Date Reported:

12/11/2003 7:08:08 PM

Full Description & Details

Bright light like a helicoper within 1 mile of our vehicle traveling west on Interstate 10 going into the Coachella Valley at around 3am. Windows were down but no sound. We thought it was a radar helicoper and when we went around a corner on the freeway, it vanished. Within 3 seconds we saw it over Palm Springs on the other side of the valley and it was below the mountain level. Watched it for aproximently 4 minutes and it took off straight up and vanished. Scared the piss out of both my brother and myself.

Reported Sighting? 



Don Foster

Your Location: 

Dallas, Tx