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UFO Sighting Report


summer of 1995


gilbert az, usa


Date Reported:

12/12/2003 7:21:26 PM

Full Description & Details

the summer of 1995 in gilbert, az about 2:30am a friend and i saw a strange streak in the sky ( like a jagged bolt of lightning). i then pointed out to my friend a strange bright light that seemed to be a few miles north of us.t we could see i tmoving slowlyacross the sky heading south towards the mountain with all the red lights on it ( i forget the name, i havent lived in az for 5 1/2 years.. it looked light a real bright white light but then it began to kind of flicker on and off. then it would dim really slowly then slowly return to its origanal brightness. it then completely went out. we were a little curious so we began walking down the street to try and see if we could pick it up again. well about 2 minutes later it re-appeared but this time it was a dark red light and you could definatly tell it was not a plane or helo. we could tell that the light was on top of something it looked like a flat long object and the light was near the front of it. same thing with the red light it would dim very slowly then slowly return to a bright red. we could see that it also had a smaller red light towards the back of it but this one did not appear to pulsate like the larger one did. it moved very strangely it would slowly go south then suddenly stop. slowly south then stop. on and on like this until it was approaching the mountain. then it stopped completely and something very srange happened. a bright ball of white light shot up from the ground at a very rapid speed and the light went out went it reached the craft. then it moved steadily south until it was out of our view.

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