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UFO Sighting Report


0600 weekday in May 1958



Date Reported:

12/14/2003 4:23:10 AM

Full Description & Details

Crash of an UFO north of Washington D.C., near Mt. Zion, Md. May 1958 very near to the Nike Ajax Missle Battery. New York Times was made aware of this crash with the Washinton Post and Washington Star on their heels.

Airforce came out to clean up the crash site. However, the UFO did take off leaving the scene, but there was debris all over the corn field.

Next night around 11 PM, the Gaithersburg Battery called on the radio to report that they had several UFOs hovering 50 to 100 feet above them. Turned on the radar and saw the blip produced by the UFOs just off the ground clutter, They then took off and the next blip on the radar several miles away (i.e., just one sweep of the radar), had an average speed of 17,000 miles per hour.

Other Comments

I wasn't the only witness, others declined to comment at that time.

Reported Sighting? 



Pfc, during the sighting.