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UFO Sighting Report


1983, August


Greece, Eastern Aegean Sea, a small rocky Island


Date Reported:

12/14/2003 12:52:03 PM

Full Description & Details

(English is not my mother language)

I was a soldier.

At about 21:00 during a summer night, I followed the dark path from my camp, down to the resort where the one and single tavern of the little island (where I was on service) was located.

A distance, no more than some 200 - 300 metres.

While I was descending down to the coast, suddently I saw a diffuse white flashing lightening in the (dark) sky, which lightened the whole area - exactly as a flashlight of a camera or a shaft (thunder saft). Only that THIS flash, was not to get away immediately, but it lasted about 40 seconds. A thunderflash could not have been a cause since, it was a summernight with a very clear, full of stars sky...

No moon, though.

Some 10sec passed by untill I get alerted on this "flash".

Then, when I raised my eyes toward the sky, I saw a luminescent disk at my right, raising slowly from the behind of a low hill and following an "orbit" all through my entire visual field, at an angle of some 75 degrees from the horizon.

The DISK - not what we call flying disk - looked like the very well known full moon in shape and color (a golden one) and, it was absolutely circular. It's peripheral ring was colored orange, bright orange, and it was clearly and sharply separated in the darkness of the sky.

This disk, followed its orbit on the top of the arc where it was moving, with a slow and smooth way, without any acceleration. Then, at this point, suddently, it started to accelarate speedly (as a "falling star" does) and vanished behind another low hill on my left...

Worth saying is that this "object", made a mirage on the seawaters, all during the event.

The whole thing took about 50sec to get over.

Note 1: People in the tavern, NOTICED the flashing light all around the area but nobody realy saw the disk.

Note 2: Immediately after the event, I got back in my camp, took my war riffle and run over the hill where the object vanished behind. There was nothin to see there except the calm but dark see waters...

Note 3: In the middle of its orbbit, this disk stopped and stayed still for about 10sec. I had all the time of the world to watch it in detail but, there was nothing as an anomaly or fold or anything more than a smooth bright circle with an orange ring.

Note 4:

Other Comments

I was and stiil am sceptic about their existence.

The event I mentioned, is not capable of making me explain it as an UFO event.

In fact, I never had the chance to give a logic or scientific explanation on wht realy hapened. I only know that it surely wasn't Moon (no moon at that night) nor a falling star.

Its kinetics does not explain a free fall but it implies an internal capability of making a shift (i.e. I cannot explain the fact the it stood still on the middle top of its own orbit and then started a tremendous acceleration...)

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

My lieutenant colonel


Pavlou Vassilis

Your Location: 

Athens, Greece


Orthopedic Surgeon



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