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UFO Sighting Report


Around summer of 1993


Central Islip (Long Island),New York


Date Reported:

12/15/2003 5:14:23 AM

Full Description & Details

Me,my step sister,and my best friend were about 10 and sitting on my friends lawn around 9pm bored as hell in the summertime. We were talking when I looked up and saw 7 purplish lights sort of in a "V" ish format off to the left of us. The "V" wasnt really a V but more like a cresent shape,with 1 of the lights being the center of that cresent. We sat there for about a minute(felt like that,may have been more) when all of a sudden it literally disappeared. About 5 or 10 seconds later it reappeared on the total opposite side of the sky. Being little kids that we were(and I hate myself til this day for not grabbing a camea) we ran to our houses scared yet for some reason more excited.

Other Comments

This siteing essentially got me interested in UFO's and ever since I've been studying them. If you have any one with a similar story could you please somehow get my story to them or visa versa?

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Adam Koerick

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