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UFO Sighting Report




Melbourne Australia Chelsea Beach on Beach Road.


Date Reported:

12/16/2003 2:37:07 PM

Full Description & Details

It was in 11/9/99 my wedding day.

We were taking our wedding photos in a secluded park looking over Chelsea beach here in Melbourne Australia. it was around 5pm and the sky was clear as crystal water. We were about to leave when the photographer spotted something shining in the sky and we all looked up there seemed to be 3-4 of these shiny ojects one minute they were apart from each other and the next they all came togther in a sort of triangle formation they were just hovering behind us they were pretty close us they attracted more people who also were looking at them before long there was a crowd forming around us and they stayed there for about 5-8 minutes. A local who lives on the near the park told us that him and his family have always seen strange objects in the sky for years. Our photgrapher and a few other people that were there started to take pitcures of the ojects in the sky and our photos turned out pretty good, with clear viewing of the strange objects in the sky that day. It sure made viewing our Wedding album exciting.

Other Comments

My family and I have alway believed that there are other life forms in this solor system of ours apart from us. I have been told many tales of UFO sighings from family members and friends. My family heritage is Egyptian and I have seen many sketches and notes taken down over generations and generations and you just can't ignore them. I remember once when I was about 12 - 13 yrs old my grandfather telling us about some men who came to see him as he reported to have seen something in the sky when out patrolling one night he was a police officer for 32 years and never had seen anything like it before, he did take a photo. When he got back to work he made a report as he was a little shook up by the experience and not himself so work sent him home that night. During the night around 2am(ish) the phone rang and on the line was a man who said that he was from the Government and wanted to speak with my grandfather about what he had seen. Grandfather said that they were there withing 5 miniutes. All I can say is that they were not human. They were around 4-5 feet tall very pale looking they had no eyelashes or eyebrows no facial hair, wore black hats even in the house they asked him many straig forward questions about what he had seen, where, when etc got up and left. The story goes on but you get the idea. I have so many other stories and proof that I would like to keep secret on in our family as I don't want any visits from little men in the night visiting me....

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Christine A

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Melbourne Australia