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UFO Sighting Report


Nov, 2004 Dec, 2000


Panama City, Florida


Date Reported:

12/16/2003 10:05:35 PM

Full Description & Details

Actually My wife and I have seen several, the most recent being about a month ago. I was outside after walking a friend to his car, I looked up and saw a light moving across the sky, at first I thought it was a sattelite until it did a 180 degree turn, thats when I called my wife outside. her and I both seen two craft that night.

The most intense sighting happend at my wifes fathers house, we had just moved back into town from lakeland (I worked for Disney) and had walked outside to get some air and talk (and a little quiet time) it was probably 9:00 in the evening and the wind was blowing the trees around I was standing facing her and a bright light shined down on her face and our immediate area, I turned and looked up and seen three lights in a triagular pattern through the pine tree. It was about 15 feet above the top of the tree we were standing by maybe 20 feet away. There was no discernable sound except the wind blowing through the trees. It remained there for maybe 10 seconds and was gone. What I remember most abouth that was the color of the light, it was a very unusual white color like I've never seen before.

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George Rapoza

Your Location: 

Panama City, Florida


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