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UFO Sighting Report


Late Spring, or early Summer 1967.


Manteca, CA USA


Date Reported:

12/17/2003 2:44:43 PM

Full Description & Details

It was a warm summer night in 1967, about 9pm or so. I was 14 years old and I was looking up at the sky, as I did quite often, and still do. I noticed an object moving quite strangely, I say this because the object was very high in the sky, it seemed to almost be part of a star. The object started to darting maneuvers, left and right. I thought at first it may have been an aircraft of some sort. As I continued to watch the object it seemed to divide into two seperate objects, which both started doing circle motions in the sky. I thought I may have been witnessing a ufo in progress so I called my mother to come and take a look. I pointed to the point in the sky where the two objects were still maneuvering and it was very easy to see them. My mother received a startled look on her face and seemed somewhat scared and said she didn't see a thing, I think she did. The objects kept doing their patterns, precisely it seemed. After approximately 15 or 20 minutes the objects just seem to get a burst of super spee and were gone. I know it was not of this Earth, but no one will believe me.

Other Comments

I do honestly believe that there are other beings from another planet or galaxy.

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Paul Hensley

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Sacramento, USA


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