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UFO Sighting Report


12-17-2003 at approx. 7:30 p.m. PST




Date Reported:

12/18/2003 8:18:45 PM

Full Description & Details

My husband was driving me home from a local store last night and as we were on the freeway, a route we have driven for over thirty years, I was watching something in the sky to our south. I saw a series of lights in a long row and together they appeared to be aproximately 1/8 the size of our valley. In other words it, and I do believe the lights were attached to a singular object, was huge. Well, after watching it for a number of seconds I lost sight of it behind a row of trees but when I looked for it again after passing the trees it looked like a normal plane, or it was gone and I was looking at a normal plane. Ok, at that moment, my husband asked me if the off ramp we were about to pass was our off ramp, and I said "I don't know". He moved the car on to the off ramp anyway even though it all looked strange to both of us.

About half way down the ramp we recognized it and knew where we were.. But, for a long minute we were so disoriented that we couldn't recognize where we were even though my husband has lived in this neighborhood all of his life and I for thirty years. Oh, just before we became so totally disoriented I told him I had been watching a UFO in the sky but that now it looked like a regular plane. Immediately after I said that was when he asked me about the off ramp. Afterwards at home we talked about the disorientation and how disturbing it was for both of us. And, of course, we wondered if it had anything to do with what I'd seen in the sky.

Other Comments

I had seen a UFO before, back in early 1993 but it was nothing like what I saw last night. ( In '93 my son and I saw a small UFO flying towards us and it passed directly over our heads at the approx. elevation of 100 to 150 feet and it didn't make a sound )

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Barbara Bunting Moody

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El Cajon, Ca