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UFO Sighting Report


Once in 1964 and again in 1992


Ney york, south Carolina usa


Date Reported:

12/20/2003 4:03:06 PM

Full Description & Details

once when I was a child walking home from the store with my mother we had this thing in the sky hovering over us. We couldn't get away from it and had a bad feeling about it and felt that it was following us. Then many years later my daughter an d I were riding home in the car and saw this thing in the sky. It wasn't a plane or anything that we could think of that it looked like. It followed us home and the car started acting funny. Losing power and things like that. We got home and went out the back door of the house and it was still above us, we lived on a golf course so it was open space. We both got the feeling without telling one another that we were going to be taken up into whatever it was. it was very scary.

Other Comments

I believe we have been visited, they have been here. I also believe roswell happened and other crashes too. I believe possibly an alien has survived but their life was cut short by people on earth, experiment etc.

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Catherine Conn

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Garden City usa


service technician