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UFO Sighting Report


about 13 years ago


Del City, OK


Date Reported:

12/21/2003 6:58:27 PM

Full Description & Details

Not sure really. Got home late one night and saw what I can only describe as a red beam of light that was focused on my neighbors roof. There was absolutely no sound. At first I had thought that it was probably some kind of aircraft because I live right by an Air Force base, but when I realized it was quiet, I knew it wasn't any kind of craft that I knew of. Anyway, the beam of light slowly traveled to the west still focused on the roof. When it got close to the edge of their roof, it changed to a white light and literally ZIPPED back to the east, VERY quickly. Which also told me that it wasn't any kind of normal craft because there was no craft that I know of that could have accelerated to that speed so quickly. Pretty boring account I suppose but I still believe that I saw something otherworldly that night.

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Del City, OK