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UFO Sighting Report


Not a sighting-Circumstantial events-some data-


Crown Point, Indiana, United States


Date Reported:

3/12/2006 10:17:24 AM



Full Description & Details

My story-In 2002January 4,I purchased the text SpaceCraft,by Cowley.This followed the 9-11 event by a few months.In the text,there is the drawing of spacecraft flying above clouds,with one of them apparently having destroyed a tower top by having fired at it.I had seen the same text for sale in the later 1970's when it was published.(1978 publishing)The text was new,in a new book store.The store was in the old Crown Point (Lake County Seat)court house which had been refurbished as a type of small shop mall.i had looked thru it,but didn't buy it.When I saw it again(and/or acopy of the same text)it was while looking thru books now in an antique store directly across the street from the court house,in the year 2002.The Old Town Square Antique Mall.Previously a Ben Franklin five and dime.Reading thru the Spacecraft text,I ran across the item about waltzing mech-tech's in an orbiting maintenance vehicle.Robot repair (device?)apparently sufficiently mobile enough to mimic the human act.(human-like enough to differentiate and likewise respond to some stray transient purely musical signal in rhytmic fashion)Now,back to the middle 1970's-During an Octoberfest in 1976-77 or so,I saw two boys between the ages of 4 to 6 years dancing with one another-There was a phonograph placed on a parked semi-trailer flatbed-The trailer was alongside the antique store where I bought the SpaceCraft text in 2002.Since i bought the text,in 2002,i have been pondering the possible source of a good many stories.At this point I will conjecture the existance of an orbital derelict somewhere in our Solar system still emitting data signals after(centuries-4 or 5 milleniums-as Dogon and Sirius?) (movie Sphere suggests 300 or so years for what could be also derelict as a landing shuttle submerged)I ran across a Titan animation-The Drej-The internal structure of a depicted vehicle is virtually identical to the lower internal support structure of the now fallen Kinzua Viaduct in Pennsylvania,an old railroad bridge.Concept here-astro vehicle radar scan matched strucural form of a flying vehicle to an existing railway strucure componant.The material steel and iron mass density of rail equipment is in the realm of the heaviest on the planet per cubic measure of space occupied,and in spite of some trains now approaching 200 miles per hour for passenger service,they are not aeronautical at all,tho aerodynamic.The high speed of such a train,tho,could be deceptive as to whether it was part of some flight system,and be misconcieved by a vehicular electronic system depended upon to handle possibly too many contingencies for an automaton to deal with.My point is that of a possible long ago accident occuring between two system automatons,both becoming equivalent victims of said interaction,and both still today,planet and visitors working to rebuild their own systems in a very loose form of co-operation,almost in itself,automatonic.I t seems,that when system contact occured,that trains on the planet would match their automaton throttles to thousands of miles per hour registered thru the approaching astro vessel vehicle settings,but the throttles would lock up at full and stay there due tothe extreme over measure,and all trains might then run at maximum speed.You then have complete planetaryrail disaster.The astro vehicles,in turn,would have their guidance controlled by Central Train Control.They could not exceed a couple hundred miles per hour,and would follow a perfectly straight line as if on a railroad track,since that is all the steering a train has.They would suddenly veer in some direction when an automatic rail switch would throw for a siding or any change.All of this would be due to some componant in each of the two systems automaton vehicle control systems matching frequencies identically in that one particular mode,whatever it may be.rail-air---ai--ai--(as AI--Artificial Intelligence ?)Trains are Snakes-(serpents,if you wish)Planes are Birds-SAucers-Avians,etc.-Snake-the subway at the bottom of the Twin Towers-The Bird,the planes---ALL of that, a recycling thru the derelict orbital automaton of the above lof ong ago disaster--(note--NASA gives some satellites a potential life time of up to 900 years)(operating lifetime) That may be much longer presently,I would have to check-Conclusion-unfortunate debacle-maybe humans became too human and forgot they were traveling compliments of any animal? (over and out)(ww2-U.S. Navy-Servron-floating drydock repair facility-someday will be,if not was,something similar a bit beyond the sky--

Witness Background

Retired from farm-20 years studying railroad history (including every country in the world)(much synchronous ver y old data-alpha numerical-to 1900 at least)indications of a much older than may be realized data storage system-somewhere?I have a large collection of HO trains and one Vectron Flying Saucer-take it's flight mechanics to parallel realms of technology and you should have the real thing-(gravitronics-also,gyratory inertial oscillating thrusters-(as Mr. Cook has apparently attempted)(one piece at a time)(a similar notion occured to me,but my historical theory and railroad history led to an Event Horizon type of idea,and thus,a quandary-)I have found miniscule amounts of precisely directed mechanical thrust possible by small model working devices-(not merely a vibrating motor on a smooth sloping table surface)nature has a few tricks and time is required-some could see it as a whirligig- toy,etc.I am not yet beyond that-It might be easier if I didn"t think it all existed before,and in fact culminated in disaster--

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Thru the middle to late 1950's,I had seen three different flying wings fly over the farm-The first;polished aluminum-later,virtually black-coincidental flight path-somewhat rare craft-(note-landing lights from planes preparing to approach O'hare 60 miles away produce a visual illusion of a hovering group of brightly lighted objects-due to direction of approach and speed-distance-I think many people have been fooled by that-at least I have-but,who knows?

Other Comments

If there are occasional visitors,it could be that they have been searching for a lost vessel or fleet-Others having left a world to pass this way,maybe thousands of years ago,would have left a civilization behind-Anyone from that world at present would need to search for their own antiquity-there may only be some remnant trace of such an event,and they are not sure of how to approach the situation here-we have a lot of preserved antiquity of our own-(over 100 year old steam engines and railroad items)and I have had to reverse engineer my thinking to thoroughly understandind that machinery-it can be like living in your own Earthly time warp-


Carl Helsing

Your Location: 

Crown Point-indiana-United States-