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UFO Sighting Report




Texas, United States


5 objects cigar shaped,no marks or windows...hovering over gas refinery and then one breaking away to follow my family as we drove around the refinery and away from it.

Date Reported:

3/14/2006 7:31:51 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



about 20 min.

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

instead of cigar shaped, maybe football shaped would be more like it. Shiny smooth stainless steel looking. No marks,.no seams,.no windows,.no lights. Each object looked identtical.

Size of Object(s)

we were riding in a dodge lancer, i am not sure how far away it was from us,. but i knew it was bigger than the car....I would guess now that it was probably more like40ft long. 50ft in the middle at its widest point. Just guessing.

Description of Area / Surroundings

oil fileds,...canyons, refineries,very rural, dessert terrain. Amarillo Tx only a short distance away. Military base and facilities.

Full Description & Details

My grandparents lived in the small community surrounding the oil refinery and we visited them on sundays usually. We left before sunset as I remember the bright orange colors in the sky that is normal for northern Tx sunsets. MY parents, myself and my two sisters and brother were all in the car. I was 6 yrs old. I remember everything that was said and i remember feeling very excited at first. At first I remember seeing 3 objects hovering over the main refinery, and then i notice there was another a little further away. They moved around a bit , kind of like humming birds feeding. Then one(#5) moved toward our car as we were moving slowly down the sandy road..the only way out and to the main highway. It followed us staying level with us in speed and just above us far enough that we could see it completely. It looked like it was made of stainless steel,..smooth. no seams...solid. No lights no windows. I thought it was amazing for awhile and then for no reason at all, I became frightened of it and said so outloud,..when i did, the object came to a stop, paused and then disappeared very quickly moving straight up. My mother said she saw what looked like exhaust come out of one end,..but i don't recall that at all. My older brother and I were all into calling the local radio station to report it. My father was angry at the thought and wouldn't allow it. He just said"Every one will think we are all crazy". So we kept it among ourselves and then quit talking about it altogether untill it was mentioned again when my mother passed away in 1995. There are only 3 of us left who experienced this and none of us agree totaly on what happened. I have a younger sister by 2 years and an older sister by 5 years. It would be interesting to find out if this was somekind of government technology at the time or foreign technology..the fact that they were checking out the gas refinery is interesting. ET's?????????

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

definately not natural. nothing man made i have ever seen could do the manuevering these did,...the way they moved and they were silent. And the fact that one of them left the bunch and followed us.

Witness Background

I am married, raised two terrific human beings. took care of others children so i could stay at home and raise mine as well...trained and worked in comotology for awhile.... worked in garment factories...finally ended up in a hospital lab as a phlebotomy lab tech. I am now disabled and unemployed

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

just the things i had heard on the radio and tv during the late 50's. as a child, my mind was wide open. My parents being with us made this memory very clear to me and very real. Then experience definately happened and it was nothing either of my parents had ever seen before.

Other Comments

This experience left me with a longing to know more. NO fear, no anxiety. Just a very strong feeling of there being so much more . I felt as if they were "playing" with our curiosity untill they sensed or fear and then they left.

Reported Sighting? 



Celia Powers

Your Location: 

Huron,TN 38345 USA



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