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UFO Sighting Report






Around 19:00 hrs., local time, I saw a flash of bright light, more strong than that of planet Venus (that we usually see in the evening and morning) , which appeared to be coming down from the sky. As I turned my head upwards, within moments, the lights diminished, the object appeared as if it changed direction suddenly and started moving upwards and it was gone within moments.

Date Reported:

3/18/2006 10:50:04 PM

Sighting Time: 

7:30 pm



No. of Witnesses: 



10 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Brighter than venus, may be twice as bright, while approaching. Reddish in colour while receding.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

a very-very rough estimate , 20,000 - 50,000 ft.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Desert, No city lights. Oil field. Prohibited for people not working here.

Full Description & Details

About a month ago, in the evening about 19:00-19:30 hrs., I was standing outside our site office at Bu-Hasa (which is actually a desert), chatting with some of my colleagues. I am not sure, what prompted me to look upwards in the sky (perhaps my subconscious mind) but what I saw was something I had never seen in my life. Just vertically above where I was standing, I saw a bright patch of light (more bright than the Venus, the color of light was similar to that of Venus to the naked eye) which appeared to be coming down (as the brightness increased momentarily).

I prompted my colleagues (2 nos., Mr. Vishwanath Gajinkar and Mr. Hemant Pawar) to look upwards and watch the object.

As I turned my head again upwards and we all looked, the brightness started diminishing and it appeared that the object had suddenly reversed the direction, and started proceeding vertically upwards. While receding, it appeared reddish and within moments 2-3 seconds or so the object was invisible.

I am quite sure that it was not a comet (as I have seen comets innumerable times and they appear to be flying horizontally), nor a passenger plane as no passenger plane can appear to be as bright as the object I saw. It could have been some military aircraft, but I am not sure if there are any military aircraft that can move vertically up and down and reverse their direction of flight within few seconds.

I have also seen satellites with naked eye, but they appear to be moving at a slower speed horizontally. This object appeared to be coming first vertically down, and then suddenly appeared vertically moving up.

My colleagues (2 of them) and I wondered for sometime what it could be and then agreed that it could be a UFO.

The next thought that struck me was that perhaps the object had thrown some light to attract our attention and then vanished after taking our photgraphs (This was more of a self congratulation than anything else).

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Not within the parameters of knowldege that i posess.

Witness Background

My name is Arvind Kaushik, I am an Indian, age 40 years, male. I am a Chemical Engineer, employee of Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (L&T), an Indian company in the business of Engineering and Construction. At present we are executing a job for Abu Dhabi Gas Company (in short GASCO) and I am located at Bu- Hasa, about 200 km from Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

No hard views. I don't believe in them to be extra terrestrial. Not much knowledge, though I have read few articles out of curiosity.

Reported Sighting? 


Your Location: 

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



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