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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

12/24/2003 1:20:26 PM

Full Description & Details

I was driving eastbound on I64 east of Paducah, KY, during the noon hour on Sept. 21, 2001. In the sky ahead and to the right I saw what looked like a clear glass bowl with mercury in the bottom, or else a round clear balloon with a silvery-gray metallic disk painted on the bottom. After one second I lost sight of it due to the roof of my car. I didn't stop or try to look back very much.

Other Comments

One UFO group emailed me back; the man was an electrical engineer, obviously scientifically well-trained. He told me that if what I saw was essentially a metallic disk with ring(s) around it (which I interpreted as the edge of the bowl or balloon) then it was similar to another well-documented sighting decades earlier.

Postmarked the day after the sighting (though I told no one of the sighting for weeks), I received an express-mail package from a U.S. military officer I knew. Several years previously this officer had allowed me to visit him at his base. On one occasion, he held a card against his chest and asked me to guess it. I guessed correctly (1 in 52 chance). I suggested that maybe I should research ESP but he said, no, that would be a waste of time.

This package contained several articles on the Theory of Relativity, including one by a contemporary leading NASA scientist which apparently had been placed on the internet less than a month before. I decided to wind down my career as a medical doctor, and become a mathematical physicist specializing in the Theory of Relativity. I currently am a graduate student in Mathematics.

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to several UFO groups by email