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UFO Sighting Report


it was about 18.00 am


istanbul, Turkey


Date Reported:

12/25/2003 1:34:43 PM

Full Description & Details

it was on july and the sky was clear, the time was approximately 18.00 am . while i was looking out of window.I realized a bright metalic grey object in the sky.Also it was reflecting the light. the exciting thing was the grey object didn't move. it was there just like hanged with a rope. I warned my father and cousin. They saw the thing too. then, object was moving like cycle. While it was moving like cycle, it started to disappear. All of my family without my mother saw the object. I intended to take photo but i could't catch because it disappeared.All these things happened in 20 or 30 seconds. After this day i always look to the sky and hoped that object will be there again but i couldn't see this again.

I could estimate the time because, Ten minutes later my father came from his work, i saw this object and generally my father came home at 18.00.

I could see the thing with its color exactly because the sky was not dark. There was day light and that object could be seen with naked eye clearly.

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Berk Gülen

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Turkey istanbul


university student