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UFO Sighting Report






Globe shaped glowing object aprox. 15' diameter hovering about 30' above RR tracks.

Date Reported:

12/27/2003 10:23:41 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



3 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Myself and two friends were riding our bicycles down third ave, ajacent to the rail road tracke in Coraopolis Pennsylvania, about 8 miles outside of Pittsburgh. It was the fall of the year, and after dark. My friend and his younger brother were riding together on one bike just a few feet in front of me while I was riding mine. We had just crossed an intersection and were continuing on third ave when my firend said, "look, what's that." I looked to where he was indicating which was the very next intersection about 100 to 150 yards. And just where the intersecting street crossed over the rail road tracks, there was a perfectly globe shaped glowing object hovering motionless about 30' above the tracks. At that point we decided to get a closer look at this strange site. We started to pedal as fast as we could to get closer to the object. When we were about 40' or so from the object, it started to rise straight into the air(slowly), perhaps twich the height of a three story bulding. Then it jetted quickly off in the direction of the library which I believe to be a south westerly direction. I don't remember the object making any sound at all. It dissappeared beyond the horizon in just a second or two.

There are a couple of strange circumstances concerning this event. One is, when I recall that night, I remember clearly the moment I was first aware of the object and I also remember clearly when we were just about 40' feet away. But, there seems to be a blank spot in my memory from the time when the object was first notice and we tried to get closer until we were about 40' away and we watched it dissappear.

Several years afterwards, my friend, tha older brother of the two on the bicycle died of unrelated causes and I don't remember ever discussing what we had seen.

Then many years later, I ask the younger brother if he remembered the event and he said that he did not. Then about two years later, asked him again about that night and he remembered. But there was a difference in our versions. He remembered it taking place about a half mile further down third ave than where I remembered it taking place.

I'm resonably sure that my version is correct because of the Coraopolis Library.

Witness Background

Director of a youth ministry

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