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UFO Sighting Report


nov.2003 thru present


Riverside, CA USA


I thought it was just a BRIGHT twinklie star, but then I saw................

Date Reported:

12/28/2003 5:39:30 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



1-2 hrs.

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Part One: Since November 16th, 2003 when I looked up in the sky on a clear clear night, and immediately noticed a BRIGHT bluish-white "star" in the south eastern sky that all of a sudden appeared to be moving around, my life has not been the same. I have watched that same "star" many nights now. It appears to be flashing many bluish-white lights back and fourth from left to right, also I see a red light that just blinks now & then on the extreme left side. Some times I think I see beams of light passing through the night sky like a search light, comming from that same "star" Now, this was looking with the naked eye. Aside from the blinking lights, etc. this star would suddenly start moving around, kinda like a germ under a microscope. Short jerky movements in all directions. This object doesn't wonder far from it's origional location, but none the less, it IS wondering. Since I was only looking with my own eyes, nothing was real clear of what I was seeing, I mean like 1 object or 3. Or details like that. I went on a mission to get a telescope or at least good bionocs. Part two: Well, about two weeks ago, I went to my boyfriends neighbor whose about 70 yrs. and asked him to stargaze with me at 10:30 PM. He had that lazer surg. on his eyes and can see really well at a distance. So, him and I sat on his steps and I pointed to "my star" and asked him to watch it and tell me what he sees, if anything. Within 1 min. he said, "somthing up there sure is be-boppin' around the sky" Of course, I already knew that and he confirmed it. Part three: I borrowed a really good pair of binocs. last night, and setout for the back portion of my property where it is the darkest. I rested the b.'s on a shelf at eye level to be sure I wouldn't nove them in amy way. My "star" was really bright. I looked thru the b's for approx. 15 min. and I was not prepared for what I was about to see!!!!!!!! Well, yeah there's blinking lights alright and from what I could see there was indeed the star itself, but I didn't see anything blinking now. I sat still & watched. Then I saw flashing lights comming out from BEHIND the star, that got brighter & brighter and the beams shot out further and further into the sky. Suddenly, I see a craft of solid white light come out from behind the star and slide all the wah around and park at the side of the star. The blinking lights die way down, but I see this little white object slowly pull away from the "star" and cut across the sky diagionally for a long ways. Then I watched as it came straight back, flew around in a few circles as a hawk circles his next victim, then I watched it go around the other side of this star and then behind it completely, out of my view all together. Well, I swear this is true and I'll quit now cuz this is really long as it is. Thanks& I welcome anyone to contact me at cfrancis73@excite.com if you've seen any one of the things that I have seen. Until next time...

Witness Background

I 'am an RN, mom, vegetarian and I love this kind of excitement in my life.

Other Comments

I just want to say that for some reason I get good vibes from these experiences and I believe that we can make friends with anyone if we show love, kindness and tollerance. bye bye

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national ufo report. center


carol francis

Your Location: 

Riverside, ca