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UFO Sighting Report




Province of Thua Tien, Vietnam


Metallic UFO floating in front of us silently, no noise

Date Reported:

12/31/2003 4:29:23 PM



No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

In 1970 while on an Army tour of duty in Vietnam I saw an UFO over there. It was very early in the morning on the province of Thua Tien in Vietnam. That day a buddy of ours woke me up. Since sleep was virtually "sacred", you only woke somebody if there was a real need for it. Thinking instinctively we were under attack, I woke up and sat on my bunker. Our buddy told me to come outside and take a look at something in the sky. I got up and went outside the hooch to take a look. To my astonishment it was an UFO. A metallic spaceship floating in front of us silently, no noise whatsoever came from that ship. With our military binoculars we took a good look at that UFO until it faded in the distance. As it went moving in the sky, it did so slowly. I will never, ever forget that day.