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UFO Sighting Report




Goring - By - Sea, West Sussex, United Kingdom


Orb of light, early evening while still quite light, the orb was darting about in a capricious fashion.

Date Reported:

1/3/2004 6:34:26 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



Six to eight minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I am an electronics technician and after 32 years of working in the field of electronics, I closed down my business due to the recession (1990 ) and became a security officer. During the fourteen years that I have been in this field of employment I have worked all kinds of hours both day and night. However, during the summer of 1994 I was working at a building in Goring - By - Sea, I shall not disclose the identity of the building due to the "sensitive nature" of the occupying Ccompany, and also becauseof the fact that it has no relevance whatsoever to what I experienced upon that evening. The placement of the building Is such that one has a panoramic view from the windows north of the building from Highdown, right the way down to Chichester. The guardpoint of the building was situated on the first floor, and with the sheer bank of windows from east to west, facing north, I really had what can only be described as a "panoramic view."

On the day of my sighting it was early on a beautiful summer evening approximately an hour before dusk. I happened to look up from an entry that I was recording in my report book and I noticed a brightly shining object that was hovering in the sky. Suddenly It vanished and reappeared a slit second later in another part of the sky, and then it disappeared again and then reappeared a split second later in another part of the sky. It did this again and again for probably a minute and a half, literally darting from one spot in the sky to another in a split second, zig - zag here and zig - zag there!! It then disappeared. By that time I was literally hanging out of the window. The object re-appeared approximately 20 seconds later over Chichester ( 15 miles west ) it hung in the sky for around 15 seconds and then a wide shaft of light appeared between the object and the ground and the shaft of light then appeared to "swivell around" and then disappear, and the bright object then vanished.

I never mentioned this to anybody until in 1966 someone loaned me a book which contained encounters that people had experienced that were carbon copies of my experience.

Chris Rolph

Witness Background

Present occupation: Security Officer. Previous Occupation: From 1959, seven years working in the top electronics companies: Decca, Ultra Electronics, Ministry Of Defence, Emerson Electronics UK, Perdio Electronics. 1966, Launched my own electronics company: Rolph Radio & Electronics. I began studying / learning music at the age of eight, playing piano and then moving on to the organ, playing organ in church and also cinema during my teens. I am now into building computers, and I have my own website: www.theatreorganmagic.com or if you wish to visit, type in: Theatre Organ Magic. During my school years I always "shined" at science and art , always achieving first, every term.

Other Comments

I have always been interested in science: space, Chemistry, Physics. When I was 9 years old I was reading science and astronomical books and freaking out my teachers. When I was 17 I had built my first Rocket ( even in the ealy60's it had a transistorised transmitter!! )

I always had an open mind regarding UFO's. However, I have always had the belief that life exists in abundance within the universe.

Chris Rolph.

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Chris Rolph

Your Location: 

City Of Brighton & Hove, Sussex, United Kingdom Of Great Britain & Northern Ireland