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UFO Sighting Report


October, 2005


Jakarta, Indonesia


At around 1am, about an hour after takeoff on a flight from Jakarta to Tokyo, I observed two orange discs on the cabin's movie screen which was showing the the pilot's view into the clear night sky directly ahead.

Date Reported:

5/2/2006 9:43:41 AM




60 - 90 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Oval shaped orange coloured objects with a slight glow around the periphery of them.

Size of Object(s)

Realtive size: 1.5 cm's across Actual size: Impossible to tell as distance from the plane could not be ascertained.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

Impossible to tell.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Above the earth, either in our atmosphere or in space.

Full Description & Details

These discs were clearly not stars, neither were they satellites or anything type of flying object I had ever seen. They moved slowly across the screen at first, then amazingly started moving at very rapid speeds and in zigzagging manouvres across the screen. This lasted for more than a minute. As it was 1am and silent (save for the hum of the engine) in the cabin most of the other passengers seemed to be either asleep or not paying attention to the UFO's evident on the screen ahead, but I've off wondered since if the pilot's might have seen it. I wonder if it is a common occurence among passenger, commercial and military pilots to view strange phenomena like this while they are flying. I racked my brain for an explanation for what I saw on that occasion and couldn't come up with one, other than they were UFO's. The other thing I remember feeling at the time, and this is somewhat difficult to explain, was that whatever was controlling these orange objects knew that I was observing them, or quite possibly they were allowing me to do so.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No. The unusual way these flying objects were moving was unlike anything explainable by a man-made or natural phenomenon.

Witness Background

30yo Australian male, working in a management position in the tourism industry on the resort island of Bali, Indoneia.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I've always viewed the phenomenon of UFO sightings with an open mind, though I'd never delved into the literature on the subject until I had my own encounter with them on the flight in October last year.

Other Comments

My personal view is that the intelligent life forms controlling these objects are observing us and preparing for a time in the future when they will make direct contact with the human race. I have the feeling, again I cannot explain why, that these beings are not hostile and will possibly arrive to help us and the Earth at a time when we most need them.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

A couple of friends.


Jay Williams

Your Location: 

Bali, Indonesia



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