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UFO Sighting Report


late 1970s


St. Johns, MI


I was taking a friend home, after a meeting, and she told me to look to my left.

Date Reported:

1/6/2004 1:58:21 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



1 minute

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was taking a friend home, (who lived in the country, south of St. Johns) from a meeting for parents of gifted and talented children and we were just chatting. I had just told her that of the things I would like to do or see in the world, there were two things. First, I wanted to be able to speak and understand Spanish (my friend is Hispanic) and, second, I wanted to see a UFO. It wasn't two seconds later that my friend told me to look to my left and we saw a gree flurorescent object just about the tree line in the field. We were traveling west on Price Rd. I wanted to slow down, but she didn't want me to. I continued to her home, where we told her husband. I was excited about it and wanted to go back to see if I could see it again, but they did not want me to leave, because of what might happen. I did leave their home at approximately 10:30pm. I might add, my friend and her husband also have seen other UFOs. When I was on my way home, I slowly drove east and saw nothing. When I told others, they were very skeptical. I have not seen any since, to my knowledge. However, when I see strange looking lights in the sky I always wonder if they are UFOs.

Witness Background

I retired from the State of Michigan in 1997

Other Comments

All I can say is that there has to be others in the universe; there has to be smarter beings in the universe than people on earth.

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friends and family

Your Location: 

St. Johns, MI USA