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UFO Sighting Report


May, 22, 2006


Falkensee, Brandenburg, Germany


A triangular aircraft on the sky.

Date Reported:

5/22/2006 7:15:11 AM

Comments about the image(s): Drawing by the witness of the object which measured 2-3 meters.

Sighting Time: 

2:15 AM



No. of Witnesses: 




Appearance / Description of Object(s)

The object looks like a triangle. It was brighter then the night, it looks like some Iron. I and my girlfriend have seen this thing very sharp.

Size of Object(s)

The sides was 2-3meters(german size) long.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

The object wasnt very far away. I think 4-6meters away from the roof.

Description of Area / Surroundings

It was a noisy night without some loud sounds. No, car was driven and no military bases or power plants.

Full Description & Details

I never seen this or something else before.

I had sleep by my girlfriend. And she has got a window on the roof. We had look in the sky and visit the clearly night with the stars. Then, some clouds make the stars unseen. My Girlfriend says to me:" Oh, look some clouds cover the sky." I see up and and this moment a undified flying object flies

over our roof. The night was dark, but this thing was a little bit brighter. On the sides , you seen some litte lights. But not bright, it looks like a chemical light also seen by fishes in the deep sea.

I think it was 25 mph/h fast. But, we had open the window but we cant hear anything. This Object dont make some sounds. It was very noisy.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

I dont think it was a star because the clouds has covered the starts. For a bird it was to big. Clouds havend some lights on her sides. Airplanes or other flying things a impossible because no flying object flies in the less level. And a Airplane etc. make some sounds.

Witness Background

In german its call "Abitur" its the highest education possibility before the study in a academie.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I dont know many about UFOs before. I had heard about it, but i dont believe so much. But now, i doenst know, what i think.

Other Comments

I hope some people can say me what i have seen.

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Steven Maerker

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